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trademark registration in UAE

Trademark registration in UAE: A guide for entrepreneurs

Due to the UAE’s top-notch business environment, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world relocate there to launch their businesses, increasing market competition. Some businesses may even discover that their trademark or logo is being used without their consent, which could harm their firm. This is why trademark registration in UAE matters.

In this article, we will go over detail about trademark registration in United Arab Emirates. Copyright registration in UAE can protect your company in the future. Therefore, we will do our most to teach you how to register a trademark in UAE. Let us observe:

  1. What is a trademark and which trademarks can one register in the UAE?
  2. How to do the process for trademark registration in UAE?
  3. How to renew or cancel a trademark registration in UAE?
  4. Connect Group, your best ally in any business process

1. What is a trademark and which trademarks can one register in the UAE?

Trademarks in UAE are brand names, symbols, or logos that are used to distinguish the products or services offered by a particular business. A trademark can be anything that identifies a group of products, goods, and services as emanating from a certain owner or source, including names, words, signatures, letters, symbols, drawings, figures, inscriptions, images, or advertisements.

It is a popular misperception that UAE trademark registration gives you the authority to forbid others from using a specific word or phrase. You only have rights to the phrase or word as it is used in conjunction with your particular goods or services; you do not own the term or phrase in general.

For instance, suppose you utilize a symbol as a trademark for your local woodworking company to identify and set it apart from competitors’ products or services. This does not imply that you can forbid others from employing a similar symbol for products or services unrelated to the woodworking industry.

You can incorporate a symbol with your trademark every moment you use it. The emblem informs consumers and competitors that you own the trademark. Even if you have not applied to establish your trademark, you can use “TM” for goods and “SM” for services.

Once you have registered your trademark in the region you can use a ® with it. The registration sign may be used anywhere within the trademark; however, most entities use it superscript or subscript to the right of the brand. You can only use this symbol for goods or services.

This region offers various advantages for trademark registration in UAE, including brand protection and preventing trademarks UAE infringement by other businesses. The official body in charge of overseeing trademark registration, renewal, and cancellation in the region is the Ministry of Economy.

1.1 Which trademarks can one register in the UAE?

When going through the trade name registration Dubai process, there are some restrictions to be aware of. A UAE trademark cannot contain any of the following if you want to register it:

  • Violations of religion and public morals.
  • Public symbols (flags, for example).
  • Symbols like the ones for Red Crescent or Red Cross.
  • Third-party titles or names.
  • Exact translations of other famous trademarks.

To avoid any infringement of the law, you must do your proper trademark search in UAE. As a result, you can confidently do your trademark registration in UAE if you do not find any problems with the trademark that you want to register.

2. How to do the process for trademark registration in UAE?

Although very straightforward, the trademark registration UAE process must be completed correctly. You must do the following actions in order to finish your trademark registration in United Arab Emirates with no issue:

2.1 Verify that the trademark is not being used by someone else

Checking to see if the brand is already being used by another entity is the first stage in the UAE trademark registration process. You will not be able to do a trademark registration in UAE if someone else is already using it. To achieve this, use tools like Marcaria to conduct a trademark search UAE online. You can take the following steps to achieve your trademark registration in UAE if you are completely sure that the trademark that you want is not in use.

2.2 Complete the application form on the ministry of economy website

Filling out the application form on the Ministry of Economy’s website, which is the recognized body in charge of overseeing trademark applications, is the next step in registering a trademark in the United Arab Emirates. To achieve this, you can hire the services of a business consultancy agency, such as Connect Group. When you are working alongside a company like ours, you do not have to worry about anything. We have a dedicated team that will manage your paperwork and guides you through the trademark registration UAE procedure. The documents you need to provide us to help you with your trade mark registration Dubai are:

  • Copy of your business license.
  • Logo of your trademark.
  • The power of a UAE attorney.
  • A copy of your valid passport.
  • Priority document.
  • And a list of services and goods that you want to protect under the trademark registration in UAE.

Depending on the circumstances, more documents can be needed. As soon as you give us the necessary paperwork, we will submit your application for trademark registration in United Arab Emirates.

2.3 Pay the trademark registration UAE cost

After submitting your application, you must pay the necessary costs for your trademark registration in UAE. For the trademark or brand registration in UAE, applicants must spend AED 8,700. Any possible legal and translation costs are not included in the cost of trademark registration in UAE. When working with us, you will obtain the best deals so you can obtain your trademark registration Dubai package at the best price.

2.4 Wait for the pertinent authorities to review your trademark application

The Ministry of Economy will examine your application for UAE trademark registration after submission. When completing the application, you must be attentive and precise because any missing or incorrect information could cause your application to be refused. If this does occur, applicants may, however, appeal or change their application as necessary. Consequently, the Ministry of Economy will normally approve your application within 30 days if there are no concerns.

2.5 Post the trademark registration in UAE announcement in 2 regional Arabic-language newspapers

You must announce your trademark by publishing it in two local newspapers and the official journal once you receive it. You must pay the Ministry of Economy AED 1,000 in order for them to publish your trademark on your behalf in the legal trademark journal. However, applicants will also be forced to pay an extra fee to publish the trademark announcement in 2 local Arabic-language publications.

The regional newspapers where you can post the announcement of your new trademark are; Al Khaleej, Al Watan, Al Bayan, Al Ittihad, and Al Fajr. The public has 30 days to object to your trademark once it has been printed in 2 Arabic-language papers in the UAE. The Ministry of Economy will consider any opposition to your trademark during that period and decide whether to accept it or not after consulting with you.

Nevertheless, please remember that the Ministry of Economy usually releases the news at the end of every month; so, applicants might have to wait nearly two months for their trademark to be registered in the United Arab Emirates.

2.6 Obtain the documents that certificate your trademark registration in UAE

The Ministry of Economy then will give you a registration certificate for the trademark in the UAE if there has not been any opposition to it during that time frame. Important information on the certificate will contain the trademark’s registration number, trade name, owner name, the trademark itself, and a list of the products and services it covers.

2.7 Trademark validity in the region

A trademark established in the UAE is valid for 10 years before needing to be renewed, which will cost more. Remember that registering your trademark only gives you protection in the seven UAE emirates and not worldwide.

2.8 Trademark registration in UAE charges

The UAE charges AED 8,700 for trademark registration and an extra AED 1,000 for publication of the trademark in the official gazette. Additionally, there can be charges for translations, legal counsel, and the cost of advertising the trademark in 2 regional publications. Although it will cost you more, you may also hire a trademark registration company in the UAE to help you with the procedure.

3. How to renew or cancel a trademark registration in UAE?

When the validity of a trademark registration expires, you have 3 months from the time of expiration to renew the application. However, every month that you fail to renew your trademark in the UAE can result in a punishment of AED 1,000.

In the UAE, trademark renewal follows the same procedure as registration. To renew your trademark registration in UAE, all you have to do is give us a call and we will help you navigate this process. All you need to do is provide us with the necessary documents; which include, a copy of your previous registration certificate and the application form. Once we submit the documents with the fee payment (AED 6,700), you will have to wait 30 days to obtain the renewal of your Dubai trademark registration.

3.1 How is the process to cancel a trademark in the UAE?

Do you want to revoke your UAE trademark registration? You can do so by visiting the website of the Ministry of Economy. There you can follow the steps to finish the process. Nevertheless, if you are having trouble with it, you can contact us right away and receive top-notch assistance. Our team of professionals will help you complete the cancellation form and submit the necessary paperwork; including, a copy of your former trademark registration in UAE. Depending on your case, the Ministry of Economy will ask you for more documents.

After you have submitted your application, you must pay the termination fee of AED 1,500. If your request is successful, you must publish a cancellation notice in 2 local Arabic-language publications before the process is over.

If you have any further queries about trademark registration in UAE, please call the Ministry of Economy at 800-1222.

4. Connect Group, you best ally in any business process

The trademark registration in UAE is not difficult; especially when you have a consultancy agency that knows how to register trademark in UAE. Our company is your best ally when you are looking to go through any business process. Therefore, if you want to protect your brand and your business, we recommend you hire us and enjoy the benefits we have to offer.

With decades in the market, Connect Group has been helping business reach success in the United Arab Emirates. From visa services to CRM & marketing solutions, we can do it all and more.

We have the experience that you need to take your company to the next level and establish yourself as a pioneer in the UAE. We have many satisfied clients that can assure you that we are the bests in the market. Allow us to guide you through any process with no problem.

Connect Group

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