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In Connect Group we provide the best EOR in Dubai and the UAE for our partners that want to hire highly-skilled workers and run a compliant payroll without establishing a subsidiary in the country. That is to say, we are an excellent employer of record in Dubai, taking care of your business needs whenever you need them.

In the same vein, we hire your worker through our innovative processes while staying compliant with all UAE labor and employment regulations. Similarly, we onboard all your candidates in a matter of days instead of the usual month it takes. After that, the workers are assigned to your team; working on your business’s behalf as if they were your in-house employee.

In addition to EOR, Connect group also offers WPS Payroll Services, Attendance Management, Employee Insurances, Remote Work hire.

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Our Best Solutions for you as a Employer of Record Company

With our solutions, you are able to run a compliant payroll in the UAE while your taxes, HR services, and compliance matters are taken care of by us. That is to say, as a global EOR expert, we work with the best practices related to employment contracts, market norm benefits, employee expenses, statutory, termination, and severance if you require it.

Similarly, we are the best employer of record in Dubai, we will keep you updated on any changes in the local laws of the UAE. However, we do not engage in any daily activities at your workplace.

When you work with us, your new work starts working sooner, is fully dedicated to your business requirements, and has a better hiring experience. In Connect Group we provide you with peace of mind; this way you will have a dedicated team assisting you with your new workers. Further, we allow you to source the brightest workers for your company.

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Receive the Best EOR Services in the United Arab Emirates

We partner up with you to take care of your employment duties. Further, we employ the most highly-skilled workers; however, you still have control over the day-to-day business operations. That is to say, the worker duties and roles are still assigned by you. In the same vein, you are also responsible for all health and safety guidelines in the UAE.

Small- and medium-sized companies are the most benefited organizations from our EOR in the UAE when looking to advance in the UAE market. Therefore, we provide you with the means to ease up a rapid market entry by hiring independent contractors or employees, depending on your needs.

On the other hand, these types of companies tend to choose the third-party option due to the numerous benefit that comes with our comprehensive range of services. In addition, they tend to choose us for the wide range of roles in which we play in your organization.

Running your business in a foreign country may be a difficult task; therefore, you require vast knowledge of the local practices and local regulations. That is to say, we have the right knowledge and experience of these rules and regulations as well as how to deal with the government bodies involved.

As such, partnering up with us means you ensure your company stays compliant at all times while eliminating the risk of incurring violations of the employment laws. In other words, we will keep you updated and apprised of all legal obligations. In Connect Group we are an exceptional employer of record in the UAE.

Similarly, we facilitate operations and access in this beautiful country with our reduced costs operations. In the same vein, we provide a cost-effective service that allows you to save valuable time as well as other important resources.

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Hire the best workers while staying compliant

Take advantage of our employer of record in Dubai and hire the best workers in the UAE while eliminating the need of worrying about any employment laws.

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    We are committed to all the duties and responsibilities of being your Employer of Record including all the functions of your workers. Therefore, we make it possible for your business to hire the most highly-skilled workers anywhere you want; quickly, compliantly, and without needing to set up a legal entity across the UAE.

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    Our recruitment, hiring, and onboarding services ensure you obtain only the brightest individuals for your business.


    When you partner up with us, you receive ongoing support and a single point of contact for your business needs.


    With us, you do not need to set up a legal subsidiary in the UAE; we will employ your workers on your behalf.

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    With us, you will discover the ease of having a workforce

    Global HR handling involves managing confidential and sensitive information regarding your international workers and your business as a whole. Therefore, managing it without proper resources will make up a serious threat to your different servers’ safety which otherwise becomes data breaches.

    We are the best EOR solutions in the UAE; with us, you do not need to worry about information theft because our advanced processes will withstand attacks; ensuring all your business data is safeguarded. That is to say, you will have peace of mind knowing your business is in the best hands.

    In Connect Group we take care of your workers efficiently with no compromises on your organization’s safety.

    While we are working as your workers’ legal employer, you will see a massive decrease in the risks involved. That is to say, when you operate in a foreign market you must understand how it works. Similarly, it is crucial to understand how independent contractors and employees are classified and sorting their activities as such.

    With our employer of record in the UAE, you will ensure you will have no risks while the services are customized to meet your requirements. However, another non-compliance risk it may be difficult to navigate in the UAE market is that you may end up not complying with the various employment laws; especially when it comes to areas such as insurance and taxes.

    Therefore, we eliminate your chance of falling into these mistakes.

    We take care of everything related to your employees in the UAE. In other words, it involves onboarding and hiring your potential new employees. Likewise, with our innovative solutions; we take care of visas and work permits on behalf of your foreign workers to speed up the onboarding process.

    In addition, we manage employment contracts, prepare worker timesheets, as well as the worker termination process. Moreover, we conduct in-depth background checks on your new workers; ensuring you hire only the brightest individuals in the country.

    On the other hand, for workers in the UAE, we pay your workers your benefits and compensations complying with the requirements of the labor law of the country. In the same vein, other areas we will take care of are paid leaves, insurance, vacations, maternity and paternity leave, sick leave, pension, among others.