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outsource staffing services

The advantages of outsourcing staffing services

Any successful business owner will tell you that their most valuable asset is their workforce. They are the engines that propel the company forward and propel it to new heights. As a result, it is easy to believe that you cannot outsource staffing services or that they are better off in-house.

In this article, you will learn everything about why you should outsource staffing services. Let us observe:

1. An overview

2. What are outsourcing staffing services?

3. Main benefits of staff outsourcing

4. The challenges of outsourcing staff

5. Partial list of outsourcing services we provide

6. How can Connect Group help you outsource staffing services?

1. An overview

If you believe that having unique talents is important for your business, you must ensure that you have the right people on your team. Outsourcing staffing services will also allow you to tap into a pool of talent you had not previously considered.

The main benefit of staff outsourcing your recruitment services or a portion of them is that you will save time and money by working with experienced recruitment consultants.

2. What are outsourcing staffing services?

Staff outsourcing occurs when a company hires an independent HR agency outside of its own to fulfill its HR needs and requirements on an as-needed basis at an agreed-upon price. HR outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular among businesses. Previously, cost-effectiveness was the most important consideration for employee outsourcing in the UAE.

However, staff outsourcing in the UAE is now viewed as a corporate strategic decision with numerous significant benefits.

3. Main benefits benefits of staff outsourcing

3.1. Higher-quality talent

One of the benefits of working with a recruiting agency is access to top talent. Staffing firms have the resources and time to find the best talent for your company. They will look for candidates who meet certain criteria not only for the position you want; but also for someone self-motivated to help your company achieve its goals.

In other words, you benefit from working with experienced recruiters and talented individuals. Referrals, social networking, company events, and other methods are used by these agencies to find exceptional talent. These agencies go above and beyond to save you time in the search for qualified candidates.

3.2. Quick hire

If you own a business, two of the most difficult challenges you will face in the human resource department are: finding great talent and keeping an open position open for an extended period without finding the right candidates. These two scenarios can hurt your bottom line.

Furthermore, filling these positions with the wrong person can reduce productivity. Not only that, but it can have an impact on the morale and efficiency of your workforce. For example, when your team members take on more work and work long hours while you look for new employees, they become stressed and unhappy. And when stress enters the picture, it affects them to the point where they want to leave your company.

Another benefit of outsourcing your staffing services is that you never have to deal with such situations. Because most staffing agencies have top talent in their database, you will be able to hire quickly. All they have to do is make a phone call, and you will have a candidate for your position.

Even if they do not have candidates for a specific position, they will start looking for you right away. The issue with in-house HR managers is that they are easily distracted by other tasks and even procrastinate on this one.

3.3. Cost savings

One reason entrepreneurs seek outsourced services is to cut costs. In other words, they can pay less than the cost of having full-time employees. If you are starting a business, you can take advantage of this and save money. And the costs of interviews, background checks, and skill tests are all combined into a single, easy-to-manage fee.

If you own a large company, you should be aware that the cost of training your employees can be reduced if you hire the right people from the start. This will also reduce your turnover costs because staffing companies can handle compliance, payroll, and human resources for your employees.

However, as a business owner, you will save money on administrative expenses.

3.4. Flexibility in the workforce

As a business owner, you may have a lot of work today and less work the next week. You can hire an outsourcing staffing agency to assist you in hiring temporary workers to work with you when you have a mountain of work.

When you hire temp workers, it allows you to meet current needs without the financial commitments of full-time employees. Depending on your workload, you can always increase or decrease your workforce. In other words, outsourcing staffing services is useful when you require them.

3.5. Temporary-to-permanent positions

Hiring the wrong candidate is the most common business mistake. Not only will it reduce your productivity, but it will also cost you a lot of money. Outsourcing your staffing services allows you to trial new hires before committing to full-time employment.

Working with a reputable staffing firm allows you to explore temporary-to-permanent opportunities. That is, you can try out new talents, test them, and then decide whether or not to hire them full-time. You will reduce the chances of making a bad hiring decision this way. Best of all, you will discover great talents with whom you may want to collaborate.

Hence, if you choose us, you will get the best staffing solutions in the market.

3.6. Advantage in the market

Startups and medium-sized businesses have limited resources, which can limit their market competitiveness. To compete effectively, they will need to outsource staffing services. A staffing firm can assist them in finding top talent to match their skills without expending excessive resources.

When a startup has a good relationship with an experienced staffing agency, it can find excellent talent more quickly than larger organizations. Having that ability gives you a competitive advantage and allows you to grow quickly in a competitive business environment.

3.7. Concentrate on your core business

Any task involving recruiting activities falls outside of the scope of the key business functions. Worse, they siphon resources away from key business operations. Large corporations are well aware of this. However, to outsource staffing services will not detract from the main business activities.

As a result, as an employer, you will be able to find new talent every day or month without being distracted from your core business operations. This will also keep your HR staff from becoming overwhelmed while performing their HR duties and responsibilities.

4. The challenges of outsourcing staff

Knowing the pros and cons of outsourcing staff in the UAE can help you consider all of the aspects that you may not have considered thoroughly. You should be aware that this decision has advantages and disadvantages; but the most important thing is to select the best contract staffing company so that you can reduce risks and gain a great solution for you when doing Dubai recruitment.

4.1. Hidden expenses

When you contact one of the companies of staff outsourcing in the UAE, there may be some additional costs; but this usually occurs when the staffing company and the organization do not first clarify all of the expenses that must be covered.

You will not have this problem with Connect Group because they are a professional employer organization and will not hide any costs from you. On the contrary, their team of experts will be available at all times to answer all of your questions and you can be confident that there will be no surprises or complications. Without a doubt, you will get only the best staffing solutions. 

4.2. Control problems

One disadvantage of outsourcing is that you will not be able to directly control or supervise the staff because they will not be working in-house; and you will have to communicate with them via phone, video call, or email.

This may be a problem for people who like to have everything at their fingertips, but you do not have to worry about it because if you have experts working for you, you can be confident that you will get the results you desire. This is made possible by Connect Group’s professional team, which is dedicated to finding you only the best candidates.

4.3. There is no direct hiring

If you are used to hiring people in person, staff outsourcing may pose a challenge because you will not be able to do direct hiring. However, with Connect Group, you can be confident that they will find the best match for the function that you wish to fill.

Additionally,  they will provide a list of the best candidates from which you can choose the one that best meets your needs; so you are effectively involved in the hiring process. The best part is that they will help you with every step.

4.4. Risk to performance

Staff outsourcing involves a performance risk due to external circumstances, but delays can occur, affecting your business. This may occur if you contact a company with a questionable reputation.

Connect Group eliminates this risk because they have been doing this for over 20 years and have a top-professional database where you can be confident that they will provide the best service for your organization.

5. Partial list of outsourcing services we provide

5.1. Recruiting new employees

A client can choose whether to hire a candidate on their own or ours. Our highly specialized outsourced recruitment team will assist in identifying top-quality talent with the necessary skill sets at the most competitive rates.

In our offices in Dubai, our team can even organize and conduct large walk-ins. We have successfully executed several recruitment drives and recruited over 150+ employees for our clients from both local and international markets in a short period.

Furthermore, we have regularly provided HR consultancy, appropriate skill training, and career guidance to a large number of employees in the UAE.

5.2. Induction and offer letter

Connect Group creates UAE-compliant offer letters based on our clients’ needs and specifications. Furthermore, our dedicated relationship managers conduct customized inductions and/or training for all new employees based on our client’s requirements.

5.3. Reference checks and police clearances are required

All employees hired by us, whether for in-house or third-party contract staffing, are subjected to extensive screening and background checks for the last five years of employment. Educational verification, as well as attestation and/or verbal/written reference checks from previous employers, are all part of the screening process.

Any gaps in employment are identified, and appropriate references are provided. All Connect Group employees who have been in the UAE for more than six months must provide a character certificate from the Dubai police. We ensure that only employees who have passed reference checks and police clearances are eligible to work for our clients.

6. How can Connect Group help you outsource staffing services?

You do not need to wait until you have a staffing issue. You can begin looking for new talent right now. A good staffing agency will take the time to learn about your needs and how your company operates. They will then know which hires will assist you in meeting your key business objectives.

Above all, make certain that you are gaining a lot as a result of working with them and developing a great relationship with them. Hence, we at Connect Group can provide you with the best staff outsourcing services in the country along with the most excellent software to monitor HR, such as attendance, employee benefits and insurances, and so much more.

You may be wondering what the next step to follow is. Contact Connect Group today if you wish to outsource staffing services that suit your company’s needs. You do not have to wait, call us at +971 43 316 688 and ask us all the questions you need to make. On the other hand, you can write to us at contact@connectgroup.co. Then, our advisors will take care of your case.

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