HQ: Floor 8 & 9, City Tower 2, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

HQ: Floor 8 & 9, City Tower 2, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

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Outsourcing Questions

Aside from cutting expenses, outsourcing helps you reduce any stress produced by overwhelming tasks and workloads. Moreover, by outsourcing, you can delegate small tasks to off-shore staff. This makes your in-house employees focus on more crucial responsibilities.

There are many pros and some cons to outsourcing services. Nevertheless, you should focus on the main ones. Pros • Fewer employees to manage. • More free time since you do not spend time doing the tasks you have outsourced. • Low labor costs. • Access to a wide talent pool Cons • Depending on the situation, it can cause communication issues. • Time difference. • Less control.

Pitfalls include miscommunication, lack of oversight, agents’ skill level, inconsistent service delivery, lack of innovation, and security concerns. Furthermore, communication issues can include: • The misunderstanding of accepted practices and policies. • Setting expectations. • Managing the partner relationship

Absolutely, if you want to outsource services to Connect Group you do not need to be a big company. Small to medium-sized companies are also able to outsource services with Connect Group. For example, if you own a small printing business you could outsource a graphic designer to do the layouts.

Simply put, you can outsource any kind of job that is not face-to-face to Connect Group. For example, some jobs you could outsource could be a graphic designer, a social media manager, web and software developer, customer service representative, accountant & bookkeepers, etc.

Yes, Connect Group also serves as a trusted PRO Service Company with experience and extensive knowledge. We are qualified to handle the legal obligations of your company in a cost-effective way for your company. Some outsourcing PRO services to consider are: • Labour and Immigration Cards • Labour Quota applications • Staff Employment UAE Resident Visas • Investor Visas • Family Visas • Offshore & Security Passes (CICPA) • Emirates ID Cards • LLC Company and Branch formation • Annual License renewals and updates • Changes to Trade Licenses and share transfers • Regulatory approvals and NOC letters • Notarization / Attestation of Legal Documents • Liquidation and Deregistration of Companies or Branches • Trademark applications • Legal Translation and document support • HR services • WPS and Payroll services • POA and authorized signatory services • Secure Local Nominee Partner or National Service Agent Service

BPO means “Business Process Outsourcing”. Simply put, business process outsourcing refers to contracting a 3rd party provider to manage non-primary functions and tasks of your business.

If you outsource your company´s services to Connect Group, you will be assured of your project´s success. We have various phases when handling projects: Trial of the service When you outsource to us, we will start a trial period. This trial period will minimize your risks while outsourcing. After you complete the trial, you can evaluate our performance and decide if you want to outsource the whole project to Connect Group. Project transition In this phase, we implement a methodology to ensure the seamless transition of your project to our organization. We make sure to minimize outsourcing risks with our smooth project transition. Project management During the project until its completion, we will offer a single point of contact. This point of contact communicates with you and manages every phase of the project. Customer relationship With Connect Group, you will be ensured to get the very best customer relationship management. During the course of your project, we will take feedback from you regularly to implement it.

Of course, there is no reason why you should not be able to do it. Furthermore, most outsourcing providers such as Connect Group assign an individual or communications manager. This manager communicates and updates you daily, although if preferred, he could do it less frequently.

Connect Group takes high security and data protection very seriously. We ensure your company´s data will be protected whether the service you outsource contains highly confidential information or not.

Simply put, no. You have every right to make sure the team assigned for your services are professionals with adequate experience. We will ensure the team assigned has the required knowledge to handle your services. Moreover, if you feel that extra training or experience is required, you can communicate with us about your standards and requirements.

Real Estate Questions

When we talk about a freehold property, we refer to a type of property purchase. In this type of property purchase, the buyer owns the plot as well as the unit. They are the landowner and have the title deed under their name. Furthermore, an heir can inherit a freehold property from the title deed holder. Additionally, the owner is entitled to lease, occupy or sell his/her property and use it for any purpose as long as it is following the local rules and regulations. Freehold properties were introduced to encourage foreign investment in the United Arab Emirates.

The term “Oqood” refers to encouraging foreign investment in Dubai. It is an online service offered by Emirates Real Estate Solutions for developers. And its main function is to help with the property registration process between the developers and buyers.

Off-plan properties are properties whose construction has not begun yet. This also refers to properties that are in their preliminary stages of construction.

Firstly, Freehold means having complete ownership of the property by the buyer who will have his name on the title deed. On the other hand, Leasehold refers to having the property on lease for a period of more than 10 years and up to 99 years.

The term “Ejari” is an Arabic term that means “my rent”. However, Ejari as a platform is an electronic online registration system. This system helps with the regulation and registration of every tenancy contract in Dubai. The UAE uses this system to document all rental transactions and ensure the legality of all contracts. Thanks to the Ejari system, the Dubai rental market became one of the most regulated markets in the world.

As a tenant, you pay a security deposit that is around 5-10% of the annual rent is to the landlord in advance. This fee is held in reserve to protect the landlord in case the depositor fails on any contractual obligation. Furthermore, this covers loss of rent, property damage, loss of security keys, and non-wear and tear repairs.

Firstly, you will need to pay a security deposit of 5% on unfurnished and 10% on furnished properties. In addition to this, you will need to pay a DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) deposit of AED 2000 for an apartment and AED 4000 for a villa. Afterwards, you will need to pay AED 225 for Ejari. Lastly, if there is a chiller that will require a deposit, then you will pay the agency fee as well.

A tenant needs to give the following documents: • Valid passport copy (produced and presented by the tenant to the property broker ) • Valid residency visa copy (produced and presented by the tenant to the property broker ) If you are a corporate tenant, you will also have to offer: • A valid trade license • The general manager´s passport copy (if he is the one to sign the agreement) • Valid passport of the occupant

Evidently, yes, as a tenant, you can terminate your tenancy contract as long as you notify the landlord 2 months in advance. However, you will need to pay 2 months’ rent as a cancellation from the day of vacating the property and you have to settle all the utility bills.

Once all the required documents are in order, it takes an average of 30 minutes to register a sale.

The documents required to list a property with Connect Group vary based on whether you are leasing or selling it. If you are leasing: • Filled listing sheet • Title deed, Oqood, or a Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) • A copy of the owner´s passport with their signature • Leasing form signed by the owner • Power of Attorney (POA) document and POA’s passport copy with signature (if applicable) On the contrary, if you are selling: • Filled listing sheet • Title deed, Oqood, or a Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) • A copy of the owner´s passport with their signature • Form A signed by Owner • Power of Attorney (POA) document and POA’s passport copy with signature (if applicable)

A buyer is eligible for an investor visa if their total investment total to AED 1 million or more in one of a maximum of 3 properties.

Yes since a mortgage broker always provides numerous options and an unbiased opinion on the mortgages available.

Yes it is.

Yes, no matter your nationality, you can own freehold property in designated freehold areas in the UAE and an heir can inherit it.

Freelancing Questions

Yes, you can for one if you are not in the United Arab Emirates. However, you will need to enter the country within 30 days of the visa´s issuance. You will need to do it to complete the procedure to have it stamped in your passport. Failure to enter within 60 days can result in the visa being forfeited. Consequently, you will need to reapply for another application bearing the entire cost.

To apply for a freelancer visa in the United Arab Emirates the following is required: • Passport copy • Photograph • Completed application form • Payment for the first year of permit • CV and/or an Attested Educational Certificate

Yes, you can, but to sponsor your family as a freelancer, you will need a ministry of labor contract. This contract is required to mention a minimum monthly salary of AED 4,000. Simply put, if you want to sponsor your family, you will need to place a salary of 4000 or higher. Afterwards, freelancers need to pay their monthly listed salary + VAT. Then, the salary amount will be transferred back to them to their bank accounts, through the WPS (Wage Protection System) every month.

In the UAE, freelance visas are available across numerous professions. Some of them include: • Marketing • Advertising • Events • Management consultancy • Accounting and Finance • Medical Professions • Administration • Business Development • Training or Coaching

Freelancers can take job opportunities that are full-time, part-time, or on a consultative basis.

Yes, when you receive a freelancer visa that Connect Group provides, you are eligible to apply for a driving license. However, driving license eligibility is limited to only Dubai and Abu Dhabi depending on the jurisdiction you choose. Furthermore, a NOC letter is required from Connect Group.

Visa holders can travel in and out of the country with no restrictions. However, freelance visa holders must ensure to not stay outside of the UAE for more than 6 months. This is in order to stay in line with the regulations and keep the visa valid as per immigration regulations.

Dependents sponsored by their spouses (or parents) qualify for freelancing. However, you will need a NOC and a work permit from the primary sponsor.

If you are currently in the process of canceling your visa, you will be required to provide the visa cancellation paper along with the required documents to start your process with Connect Group.

Immigration rejections were made by the coordination of the Security Agencies of the UAE with the Immigration Authorities. If you have previously faced a UAE visa refusal by Immigration, chances are you will be refused again by the same authorities under Connect Group.

Company Formation Questions

The United Arab Emirates has garnered a lot of media attention. This is because the UAE enjoys a central location between Europe, Africa, and Asia. In other words, the UAE is a prime business destination for many sectors and industries. Furthermore, the country´s highly-regulated environment adheres to international best practices operating with zero rates for personal and corporate taxes. You can find many opportunities in the UAE and across a wide range of sectors. For this and many other reasons, the United Arab Emirates is one of the best countries to incorporate your company.

1. Free zone entities. They allow 100% foreign ownership and are exempt from corporate and personal taxes for a specified number of years. These entities are not licensed for business outside of the free zones. 2. Onshore structures 3. A professional license allows 100% of the shares allocated in the name of a foreigner. 4. A representative office license is also able to the incorporator. This allows the company to start engaging in marketing and gathering information on behalf of a parent company.

Yes, the 2 recommended ones are RAK and JAFZA. RAK offshore is a purely offshore structure. On the other hand, JAFZA offshore, while more expensive, entitles the owner to one residence visa. However, it requires a minimum of two directors and one shareholder.

Anyone that wants to start living in the United Arab Emirates requires a residency visa to do so. Additionally, to employ staff in your organization, a manager of the entity must have a residence visa. However, offshore incorporation does not require a residence visa since it does not entitle the holder to do business in the UAE.

Clients can only apply for a residency visa once their company is established. Once the client completes their medical examination, the results are electronically sent to the relevant naturalization and residency department. Afterwards, the residency is issued and entered into the holder’s passport.

In the United Arab Emirates, all licenses are renewable annually. If you do not renew on time you will face penalties and all residence visas linked to your company will be canceled.

There are no corporate or personal taxes in the UAE. However, companies must pay a 5% import duty to clear their goods from the port into the country.

The shareholder owns the business via a share certificate. Moreover, one or more people may own a company through shares. On the other hand, a director is a person responsible for the management of the company. The director signs business contracts and account opening forms, etc. More often than not, shareholders elect directors.

The incorporation process can take as little as 5 working days up to 6 weeks depending on the free zones entities. Firstly, you will need to register your trade name. Once completed, it is only a matter of gathering all the documentation required.

Connect Group can incorporate offshore companies without the need for a physical presence. However, to incorporate in free zones or onshore jurisdictions, we can start the process, but attendance will be required eventually. Moreover, you will need to sign formal incorporation documents at the notary public here in the UAE.

Educational and corporate documents required during the incorporation process and for the visa issuance will need to be attested at the corresponding UAE embassy or consulate in the country of the document origin. Afterwards, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai will attest to the documents. With this, your documents will be rendered officially accepted.

Yes, once you set up a company in the UAE, you will need to open a corporate bank account for your company. For it, you will need to meet the bank in person to open the account. Furthermore, you can open a private account as well as an account in the name of your company. To open a corporate bank account, each bank in the UAE has a minimum balance requirement. You will pay a maintenance cost of AED110 if this requirement is not maintained. Lastly, it is important to take into account that you can have a bank account in different currencies in the UAE.

Although Connect Group cannot guarantee the opening of a bank account, we have not encountered a refusal of this service.

Yes, you require office space for your company formation in the United Arab Emirates. You might want to minimize costs with a small space or explore large office options to bring your headquarters to UAE. In both of these instances, Connect Group will advise you so you can choose the best possible office space.

Depending on your company´s structure, you might need a sponsor. There are many ways that local sponsors can help your business.

Free Zone Entity (FZE) The main characteristic of FZEs is that it allows clients to own 100% proprietorship of the corporation. This means that there is no need for a local sponsor. An FZE conducts activities and transact within the free zone and internationally. Office space is mandatory for FZEs, and residence visas are possible depending on the size of the office. Lastly, some FZEs such as DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) and DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) have mandatory requirements. These requirements are for accounts to be kept and audited yearly. However, in most other free zones, no accounting/audit requirement is necessary. Onshore These types of incorporations involve the use of a Local person as a partner or an agent depending on their type. The main advantage of onshore companies is that they allow for the conducting of business throughout the UAE and internationally. Like FZEs, office spaces are mandatory, with residence visas being possible depending on the size of the office. Offshore This follows typical offshore type incorporation. You do not need to rent an office, therefore negating any possibility of obtaining a residency visa.

Entities register for VAT (Value-Added Tax) if their taxable income exceeds the mandatory registration limit of AED 375,000. However, an entity can choose to register for VAT voluntarily. They can do this if their income does not exceed the mandatory registration limit but exceeds the voluntary registration cap of AED 187,500.

EOR Questions

The term EOR means “Employer of Record”. Companies contract EORs as a third-party organization to take responsibility for paying employees. If you seek our services for EOR, then we become responsible for: • Ensuring our customer´s employment is compliant with local employment laws • Processing local payroll • Filing employment-related tax returns • Issuing payslips to the employee • Distributing salary payments On the other hand, our customers are responsible for: • Sourcing and recruiting their own workers • Managing the employee’s day-to-day workload • Contributing to the personal/professional development of the employee through their work • Following any guidance, we give on employment and HR best practices or legal obligations in the employee’s home country • Ensure that payroll bills related to their team are paid to Boundless before the cut-off point in each pay cycle.

Yes, even if you have set up your own entities, you still will need to process payroll and ensure compliance with the local law. Many companies can and will outsource these processes and responsibilities to 3rd parties such as Connect Group.

If an individual is constantly giving their full attention to your company, and you treat them as independent contractors, you are most likely in breach of the employment laws of your company. This means that your company is liable to receive fines or other legal measures. The individuals you work with do not receive the benefit of local employment laws and protections.

PEO Questions

A PEO refers to a professional employer organization. A PEO is an organization to which another organization can outsource a wide range of HR management tasks. These tasks include benefits, compensation, recruitment, payroll, and training. Following a co-employment model, a PEO hires employees on behalf of their clients, acting as the “employer on record” responsible for the insurance and tax compliance of the employees.

There are not any limitations in which a business cannot hire a PEO. Any type of business can hire a PEO, in fact, even non-profit organizations benefit from PEO services. For example, companies in Hi-tech, retail, manufacturing, financial services, and other sectors seek PEO services frequently.

An employee leasing company provides HR solutions only on a temporary basis or for a specific project. However, PEO serves as a service provider to its clients’ business and managing employees. When employee leasing services complete a short-term project or fulfill the temporary staffing requirements, the employees are either reassigned to another project or simply laid off. Nevertheless, with PEO, employees continue working for their employer even if the requirements are fulfilled.

The actual business owners are able to directly supervise or control their employees. This is because the client determines many terms such as job responsibilities, quality standards, wage rates, working hours, etc.

PEOs provide service infrastructure, the latest technology solutions, and platforms that deliver contracted services to control the costs of a business. Furthermore, they enable cost savings by managing routine and redundant tasks. These redundant tasks include payroll, taxes, employment practices, HR, employee benefits, and regulatory compliance.

PEOs undertake a contractual obligation to pay wages and stay in compliance with the country´s laws and regulations.

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