HQ: Floor 8 & 9, City Tower 2, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

HQ: Floor 8 & 9, City Tower 2, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

Buy and Sell Properties in UAE Your Gateway to Real Estate Opportunities

Buying and selling properties in the UAE does not have to be a challenge. Here at Connect Group, we have a team of specialists that can help you gain access to top real estate opportunities to boost your chances of success.

We have experts that can provide valuable advice on how to enter the real estate market in Dubai, and how to proceed with the buying or selling of property in the UAE. We understand how complex can be to find a great property to buy or a good buyer for your property, for this reason, we are the gateway you need for every type of property transaction.

With our Buy & Sell property you can obtain:

Are you seeking a professional service provider for Buying and Selling Properties in the industry?


Connect Group works closely with you on every stage of the process to ensure a great outcome.


We handle all aspects of conveyancing, so you do not have to worry about anything.


Trust in our team to help you manage the buying and selling of your property.

Explore excellent real estate opportunities in Dubai with the assistance of our agents

Our experts at Connect Group take the time to listen to your requirements and concerns regarding the buying and selling of properties in the UAE. We understand that getting access to real estate opportunities can be complex if you do not have the right resources. For this reason, we can help you find the best properties and buyers so you can carry out your transactions easily.

Do not risk yourself to buy property without having specialists backing your decisions.

Instead, contact us to receive comprehensive support and assistance from our agents when it comes to buying or selling a property. We work hard to protect your interests and for this reason, we explain everything you need to know throughout the entire process. Get your dream property or sell it in no time. Become an investor or reside in the UAE with the top properties we may select for you based on your requirements.

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This is what we do:

We have the best services for different industries such as:

Employer of Record Real Estate Staff Outsorcing Freelance Business Center Company formationn search Healthcare Business Consultancy Tax Consultancy


Years of experience




Team members


Connected Employers and Employees

Unlock exclusive opportunities to buy and sell properties in Dubai with our expert guidance

Buying or selling residential or commercial property can be easier with our support. We can ensure a smooth completion of the process with our comprehensive guidance. Whether you want to put your property on the market, or you want to buy a property in Dubai, we can help you. Our team will guide you through the specific steps you have to follow.

Moreover, by having Connect Group working alongside you, you can even get access to a wide array of properties in Dubai that otherwise were not available to you. Since we have a deep knowledge of the real estate market, we can develop a suitable solution for you. Thus, you can trust in our team of real estate specialists to ensure adherence to the criteria for buying or selling property in the UAE.

If you want to sell property, our team can guide you through the entire process, such as deciding the selling price, defining a marketing strategy, and even finding prospective buyers for your property. Similarly, if you plan to buy a property in Dubai, our experts analyse your requirements, find top locations, and help you get a solution suited to your budget.

Getting access to the real estate market and thus marvellous opportunities can be a simple process for us. Connect Group guides you on each stage of the process, from finding a top property to everything related to the documentation. We are your go-to option for your real estate needs in the UAE.

When it comes to buying and selling properties, there are several essential factors that play a crucial role in ensuring a successful transaction. Firstly, thorough research is vital. Whether you are a buyer or seller, understanding the current market trends, property values, and neighborhood dynamics is key. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions and negotiate effectively.

Obtain our cost-effective and beneficial solutions for your business.

We have more than 5 years working with businesses across all the industries in the UAE. Start now and be one of our partners.

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Working with us and getting all our premium features is simple

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Reach out to any of your specialists to discuss your business requirements.

Range of service

We will discuss the range of services you want to tailor according to your business needs. After that, we take care of your business activities such as risk management, compliance, benefits, payroll, and others.

Work relationship

You are the day-to-day manager of your employees at the workplace while we take care of their legal needs.
Enter new markets in a matter of days easily
In Connect Group we offer Employer of Record solutions and PEO services to businesses in the UAE wishing to enter new markets in any of the seven emirates.
We have a comprehensive range of services
It does not matter if you want to get assistance in your HR department, obtain help in the payment process, hire your staff, or do another administrative task; you can trust our EoR specialists that will assist you.
Receive ongoing support of the best customer service in the UAE
It does not matter what are your requirements since we will take care of them. In other words, you will receive 24/7 support and a single representative for your administrative and HR activities in Dubai or the UAE. While we take care of the HR needs of your local workers, you are responsible for managing them at the workplace.
You will not need to establish an entity to start working
When you start working with us, you take advantage of our legal entity; this way you will not have to deal with the inconvenience of starting a legal entity in the UAE. That is to say, we will become the legal employer of your workers in the UAE.
Hire the brightest workers across the UAE
Working with us you can get access to the most highly-skilled individuals in the UAE. In addition, you can do that while you reduce costs and save time.
Obtain access to the greatest compliance assistance in the UAE
You can obtain the best legal assistance with the local regulations, labor, and employment laws of the UAE to ensure compliance and avoid legal issues. And because we allow businesses to employ their workers without establishing a legal subsidiary; you avoid having compliance problems.

We are your ultimate solution for
buying and selling properties in the UAE

You do not have to waste time and resources looking for properties since we have extensive property listings so you can select the one that fulfils your expectations.

Whether you want a luxury property, a fine home or a small apartment, we ensure you can find what you are looking for with us.

Our real estate agents have extensive knowledge about the UAE market, and a long experience helping investors and owners to buy and sell their properties in Dubai.

Thus, with our support, you do not have to worry about paperwork, non-compliance, or any other matter because we guarantee an error-free process and fast outcome.

Buying or selling your property involves having to go through a series of steps. However, you do not have to go through all of this alone since our experts will be with you from start to end.

Thus, we can ensure a seamless transaction process. You will get a great experience when working with our real estate agents.

Learn and do the best for your company

If your business chooses the do-it-yourself approach; the first thing you must undertake is to set up a local entity via registration and incorporation. However, this will be an expensive and consuming process, requiring accounting and skilled legal support to ensure the most important thing in this area; compliance.

Similarly, of course, there are some businesses that can bear the cost and time of setting up a branch office; but there are some instances where taking advantage of a local EOR service provider like us is a better option. In addition, we have an already existing legal entity that will handle immigration and labor requirements in the UAE. Further, we have massive expertise being the intermediary between the organization and its workers; ensuring full compliance with all regulations and laws.

In the UAE, immigration policies and regulations are constantly changing. Moreover, there is more scrutiny by the government regarding visas, types of organization activities, and work permits. Thus, this makes compliance the most important challenge for relocating businesses since immigration violations have several consequences for a business and the involved.

However, instead of risking non-compliance issues with the immigration authorities; many businesses decide to work with us through our EOR and PEO services. Likewise, with this practice, your staff working in the UAE will have no problems with the overuse of business visas, multiple entries, and remote payroll. That is to say, we will handle all visa and work permit necessities and avoid complications from the immigration authorities.

Most countries will mandate businesses with workers on assignment to manage a payroll complying with the local standards and a registered entity. Similarly, this practice of “remote payroll” is not always allowed, especially for long-term assignments.

Likewise, a key aspect of doing businesses in the UAE is the withholding and calculation of the different pay deductions, such as health insurance, taxes, and pensions. We take care of these crucial areas; ensuring full accurate compliance for all your business workers. EOR and PEO services are your best employment solution; we provide the needed legal entity to run payroll with experience in tax regulations. Therefore, ensuring an issue-free process with the local authorities.