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Temporary Employment: Things You need to Know in 2021

What Is Temporary Employment?

Temporary employment has been a solution for small and mid-sized businesses whenever they’re trying to handle a sudden increase in workload, or when they need to fill an open position for a specific period.

It also has several advantages for employees, since professionals may take a temporary position if they want to test a specific job or if they want to gain experience and skills.

Although it’s a common kind of employment, many employers and employees still don’t know how it works. What is temporary employment? Here we’re going to define it and learn more about working as a temp.

Who are Temporary Employees

What is considered temporary employment? To know the answer to this question it’s important to know what temporary employees are.

A temporary employee is a contracted worker that’s hired for a specific period, usually a short time. A company may hire temporary employees or it can request them to a staffing agency, which is an organization that employs this kind of workers and them assign them to a temporary job.

A temp worker may carry out the tasks of a regular employee; the only difference with other hired positions is the fact that they have a shortened work time-frame. So, What is considered a temporary job? It’s a role that’s designed to last for a short-term period.

For this reason, many businesses opt for temporary employees since they can be of great help during peak season, or whenever a permanent employee has to take vacations or any other reason to leave.

Many professionals opt for temporary employment, also considered as “gig” employment, because of their skills and talents. Therefore, some kind of jobs fit this category better than others, such as jobs in creative arts. A temporary role may help a professional to have flexible employment arrangements or work for project-based opportunities.

Why do Businesses Employ Temporary Workers?

There are several reasons why an organization may opt for temporary employees since this solution usually comes with saving time, money and efforts from your hiring team.

Here we have some of the most common reasons why companies hire a temporary worker:

  • Expertise: a temporary employee may provide expertise and knowledge needed for a specific time, for example, when you need to carry out a financial audit you could hire a temporary accountant whose specialty is in this area.
  • Employee leave: a business may hire a temporary employee when it needs to quickly and effectively fill an open position caused by an employee on leave. Since replacing the employee isn’t a solution, it’s best to opt for a temporary worker to fill that role.
  • Peak season: seasonal work is another reason why businesses hire temp workers. When an organization experiences a peak in demand during a particular season, let’s say Christmas, it’s helpful to hire temporary employees that help meet the demand. Hiring a permanent employee won’t make sense since you only need a worker for a short period, so a temp employee it’s the perfect solution.
  • Short-term projects: for projects that won’t last longer, i.e. all work is temporary, it’s better to hire temporary employees. These are businesses that will operate during specific times so they don’t need permanent employees.

Advantages of Working as a Temporary Employee

Temporary employment doesn’t only offer benefits to employers since employees can also receive tons of benefits with it. Here we have the advantages of this kind of employment:

  1. Learn about the responsibilities and tasks of a specific role with no commitment.
  2. Get to know a new industry so you can decide if you want to take this career path or pursue a full-time position in this area.
  3. Get the chance to be hired as a permanent employee once your temporary employment contract has finished.
  4. Work for more than one employer at a time, which increases your income, experience and knowledge.
  5. Have flexibility with your working arrangement since you’re able to decide which position you want to take. This allows you to pursue multiple interests or dedicate more time to your family.

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How can Connect Group assist you in becoming a Permanent employee or a freelancer?

If you’re looking for outstanding job opportunities, whether as a permanent employee or a freelancer, you can count on ConnectGroup to assist you with Staff Outsourcing solutions.

We can help you find excellent jobs thanks to our wide network of companies, so you can have the working arrangement that suits best your needs. You can work as a temporary employee, temp-to-hire, freelancer or full-time employee and start living your best life here in the UAE.

Are you looking for temporary employment opportunities?

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Temporary Employment

When you’re considering working as a temporary employee you need to learn more about it so you can make the best decision. If you have questions such as: What is considered short term employment? What is the process to find a temporary job? Or any other question, here we have some of the most common ones answered:

What are the working hours of a temporary employee?

When it comes to the hours of temporary employee work, the employer determines them. If the temporary employee works over 40 hours, he or she can receive the corresponding overtime payment. However, in some special circumstances workers are not eligible for overtime payment, as in the case of temporary farmworkers or high-earning workers (+$100,000).

What companies hire temporary workers?

Companies across every industry hire temporary workers; however, certain businesses opt for this kind of employment more than others. Some of the industries that have most availability in temporary positions are the following:

  • Clerical and office work
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Legal
  • Shipping companies

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Is it possible for temporary jobs to become permanent?

Working as a temporary employee means that you may have the chance of becoming a permanent employee. Some companies offer temp-to-permanent positions to test the employee before offering a permanent role.

For this reason, it’s advisable to ask during the interview if the temporary job can become permanent. If this is the case, you can state your interest of staying once your temporary contract has finished.

How long can you keep a temp job?

Temporary jobs are usually for a short period, they can range from few weeks and last up to a year. It will depend on the type of employment, project and the company that hires you.

How do you go about getting a temporary job?

Finding a temporary job is no different from finding a permanent one. You can search in job posting websites, or from a company’s career site. However, you have to make sure it’s specified as a temporary role.

You can also contact a staffing agency and provide your professional information such as skills, experience and background. If you get accepted, you become part of the agency’s talent pool and you’ll be notified once a position that matches your skills opens.

How are temps hired through a staffing agency?

Since a staffing agency is great for finding a temporary job, you need to know how this process works. It’s an application process similar to like any job. Let’s take a look to an overview of how you may get hired as a temp employee:

  1. Submit your CV
  2. Get an interview with the agency’s hiring manager
  3. Get accepted as part of their talent pool of temporary employees, i.e. the agency becomes your employer
  4. Whenever a temporary position opens based on the agency’s network of employers, you are hired for said role
  5. Get paid through the agency

When you’re hired by the staffing agency, you can state which type of jobs you’d like to accept based on your skills. Then, when there’s the need to fill a position that matches your criteria, you can decide whether to accept or decline the offer. Keep in mind that the agency carries out most of the work of finding a temp job.

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