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oman visa for uae residents

Overview of The Oman Visa For UAE Residents

For UAE residents, whether that be for an escape or a silent vacation, Oman is a pleasing and attractive option. The nation has unrivalled heritage, outstanding sceneries and the most accommodating culture are ingredients for the perfect destination. The Oman visa for UAE residents is the first step for UAE residents to begin the amazing journey. The processes steps are easy to understand. However, the most important are the Oman visa for UAE residents cost. This gives you a clear picture on how to plan your trip without any hitches.

In this article, we will unfold all the necessary aspects of securing an Oman visa as a UAE resident. We are committed to providing you with all the necessary information, guiding you step by step to the application for an Oman visa for UAE residents, addressing the Oman visa for UAE residents price, and answers to the most frequent questions about “the price of the Oman visa for UAE residents” and “how to get an Oman visa for UAE residents”. Our purpose is to assist you in making your travel and immigration

Who is eligible for Oman Visa from UAE?

oman visa for uae residents

Viable visa application for Oman from the Emirates is dependent on several main aspects. However, knowing about those indicators is essential to UAE residents who wish to visit Oman in the future. Below, we outline who can apply for an Oman visa from the UAE:

  • GCC Residents: Those who are living in any of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
  • Profession Matters: Candidates must possess the certain positions that has approbation by the Omani authorities to be eligible for the document. Moreover, the list of professions available as visa invitation provision can be found on the Oman eVisa official website.
  • Passport Validity: Validity of your passport should exceed six months from the date of entry into Oman.
  • Residency Validity: In addition to this, you must hold the UAE visa for at least six months before you travel.
  • No Entry Restrictions: An individual should not have any kinds of entry bans or restrictions on Oman.
  • Financial Stability: Applicants should ​show evidence of financial stability, even if the details might be different.
  • Travel History: The candidates might also have to to show their travel history. This may include past visits to Oman and other member states of GCC.

These points refer to the crucial conditions for UAE residents to obtain the Omani visa. Therefore, you must pay attention to every point. The applicants have to be sure that they fit these rules before they start to apply.

Types of Visit Visas for UAE Residents Traveling to Oman

United Arab Emirates residents travelling to Oman can pick from different types of visas. Here’s a breakdown of the available options:

  • Express Visa: First of all, they fit well for short business trips or events (deliberately close). This visa may be used for a stay for the period of 3 weeks only and is not extendable.

Different visas will have different requirements and fees. Getting the specifics clear like the Oman visa for UAE residents cost and the process to apply for Oman visa for UAE residents is equally important.

The cost of Oman visa for UAE residents differs on the type of visa and the staying period. We advise to give a wide thought to their travel plans when determining the type of visa which will be suitable to apply for and the process of applying for it to go smoothly and have a pleasant stay in Oman.

Here are the most important types of visas for UAE residents traveling to Oman:

Unsponsored tourist visa

The unsponsored tourist visa takes the front-of-the-guest-queue among the UAE residents who wish to explore Oman without a local sponsor. This visa type redesigns the process, easing the requirements for the tourists. Here are the key points about the Unsponsored Tourist Visa:

  • Eligibility: All nationalities including non-residents with a valid residence visa. Moreover, it allows world travelers to explore the Oman’s stunning landscape and rich culture.
  • Validity: Usually, one does the application having in mind the length of stay, which is up to 10 or 30 days, depending on the option chosen by an applicant.
  • Extension: The 30-day visa allows you to apply for a 30-day extension. Thus, you may choose to stay longer if you wish to.
  • Application Process: Candidates can simply apply online from their home. The procedure consists of taking a form and sending the necessary papers.
  • Documents Required: A copy of a passport, a photo, and a copy of UAE residency permit.
  • Cost: A Unsponsored Tourist Visa for the UAE resident in Oman price vary. It is vital to evaluate the fees to plan with the budget.

This tourist visa is great for those who seek travel in Oman in a hassle-free way or like to be spontaneous. It removes requirement for an Omani sponsor, hence the traveler is free and able to adjust his travel plans. Be it a short stay or longer travels, the Unsponsored Tourist Visa would surely be a good choice for an UAE citizen who wishes to wander through Oman.

Sponsored tourist visa

The Sponsored Tourist Visa of the United Arab Emirates is for its residents with sponsorship in Oman. This source can be a friend, a family member, or a company. Therefore, it meets the needs of persons who are not eligible for a sponsored-visa or individuals who intend to stay longer. Here are the essential details:

  • Sponsor Requirement: The authorization of the Omani citizen or entity is a prerequisite. The local authority is liable for the visitor during their time in the country.
  • Eligibility: Addressing this issue, applicants must have a valid UAE residency permit. It changes the scale of eligibility so that someone who might not suit for an unsponsored visa have a chance.
  • Validity and Stay: The visa as a rule permits for stay up to 30 days long. Nevertheless, it depends on the sponsor’s timeline in conjunction with approval from the Omani authority.
  • Application Process: The sponsor applying for Oman should kick start the process by submitting his/her application to the Oman Police. Through this process, you participate by offering all relevant documentation or information.
  • Documents Required: Besides the canonical documents like the passport copy, photo, and UAE residency, the sponsor’s other papers such as an invitation letter and proof of sponsorship are necessary as well.
  • Cost: The charge for a Sponsored Tourist Visa is usually different from what an un-sponsored applicant will pay.

Multiple-entry visit visa

Multiple-Entry Visit Visa is a good option for UAE residents who are in Oman on business or family trips frequently. The type of this visa gives permission to a visa holder for multiple entries into Oman. Here are the key points:

  • Eligibility: Open to UAE residents with valid residence permits.
  • Validity: Valid for one year from the day of issuance. There must be a maximum in each stay of 30 days.
  • Application Process: Applicants can apply online which would mean better and easier way of obtaining the visa.
  • Documents Required: Include passport copy, proof of UAE residency, picture, and sometimes contain a letter saying the purpose of frequent visits.
  • Cost: It is to be noted that the cost of the Oman visa for UAE residents type is variable. Therefore, it is advisable for interested applicants to inquire the current prices.
  • Flexibility: Provides opportunity for great flexibility which negates the troubles that travelers face in the applications for a separate visa for each trip.
  • Renewal: To end up with the expiry date, holders can apply for extension to roll over their convenient trip arrangements.

This category of visas will be most suitable for business professionals and other nationals that frequently travel between the two countries, that is, as a convenient solution, as for the second one. The technology simplifies it, making border crossing simpler and more effective for regular visitors.

Family Visit Visa

The Family Visa was created for UAE citizens who intend to visit their own relatives in Oman. By using it, people can ease the procedure while looking to stay with their relatives in Oman. Here are the essential details:

  • Eligibility: The family member must have a registration with Oman as sponsor. It refers to both foreign labor force and Omani nationals.
  • Validity: The visa is usually good for the stay up to 30 days. There are possibilities of further extension. Such extension should be subject to approval.
  • Application Process: The application process is to be done by the sponsor in Oman with ROP services.
  • Documents Required: The required documents are a vacationer’s passport copy, a valid UAE residence permit, proof of relation (marriage certificate, birth certificate), and the sponsor’s ID and visa copy.
  • Cost: How much is Oman visa for UAE residents? The price of the Oman visa required for UAE residents for Family Visit Visa may differ at the moment. Therefore, should check the fees right now.
  • Purpose: Distinctly molded for the family visits that are not suitable for travel and business purposes.

GCC Resident Visa

The GCC Resident Visa is the simplest way of the UAE residents, also being residents of any (GCC) country. Also, the visa becomes particularly useful for the GCC citizenries living abroad. Here are the key points:

  • Eligibility: Open to expatriates holding a valid residency permit in the G.C.C (Gulf Cooperation Council).
  • Validity: Allows for a single entry, stays being up to 28 days. It can only have an extension for the same duration as it was given to begin with.
  • Application Process: Applicants can apply online. This can be done from anywhere conveniently and quickly. Also, this allows them to obtain the visa before their travel.
  • Documents Required: The Embassy copies GCC Residency Permit, passport with 6 months’ validity period, and a passport photo as well as sometimes a proof of accommodation in Oman.
  • Cost: The visa cost is separate and subjected for the latest fees as per the authority chart.
  • Flexibility: Created for short-stay type, allowing the tourists, and business persons to visit and go anytime.
  • Renewal: The visa can have an extension to a maximum of 28 days. Allowing foreigners to prolong their stay in case of further need.

This visa cam helps residents of the GCC to travel, which pushes cultural and economic ties in the region. It clearly indicates Oman’s efforts to give the participants of the neighboring countries’ residents a comfortable place to stay encouraging tourism, trade, and other business exchanges

Get to know the costs for obtaining your Oman Visa

What also matters in order to properly manage your expenses is the knowledge of visa costs. Here, we will look into the below where we will have a breakdown of the expenses so that you get a clear idea of what to expect.

  • So, how much is Oman visa for UAE residents? To illustrate, Oman visa cost for UAE citizens’ prices may differ from that of a tourist visa, a multiple-entry visa, or a GCC Resident Visa.
  • The one-entry visa that is valid for up to 30 days has a charge for it. Such fee is subject to change.
  • Furthermore, those with Multiple-Entry Visit Visas, with a validity of one year, will face a different fee structure. This one has the advantage of being reusable hence can be a cheaper choice for many users.

On the top the Family Visit Visa and the GCC Resident Visa have also an own set of fees. These expenses also depend on the transaction fees and extra visa services that you may need during the application.

Besides, it is worth pointing out that even in situations where there are extensions, these also have their drawbacks and are often costly. The additional fee is necessary in case you extend your stay in Oman whether you are on a Tourist Visa or a GCC Resident Visa.

Finally, these costs need to be looked at by applicants and also need to factor the likelihood of the changes in visa cost and any other additional expenses such as health insurance which is needed for Oman entry.

What is the Process of Oman Visa for UAE residents?

oman visa for uae residents

The Oman visa is simple for residents of UAE to obtain and user-friendly. Its point to attract tourists and business people.

  • Start Online: Kick off by accessing the Oman eVisa official website.
  • Select Visa Type: Give the visa category you would apply depending on your travel purpose and duration.
  • Fill Out the Application: Make the application form filled out accurately, including your information. It includes personal information like name, address, passport details, and travel intentions.
  • Upload Required Documents: Have the necessary documents ready and upload. Often this consists of a copy of your passport, valid UAE residency permit, a passport size photograph and in some cases, proof of accommodation and return ticket.
  • Pay the Visa Fee: The fee determined is dependent on the type of visa and the duration.
  • Submit the Application: Double check your application before turning it in. Verifying that everything is accurate helps eliminate delays.
  • Track Your Application: Monitor your application status on the eVisa website by using the tracking feature.
  • Receive Your Visa: When approved, you will receive your visa electronically at the address that you provided. Do the printing or just have a copy in your mobile phone device.

These steps, if followed by the expats living in UAE, can easily pave their way for possessing Oman Visas. This in turn leads to a successful travel experience in Oman.

Documents Required to Apply for an Oman Visa for UAE Residents

Here’s a concise list of the necessary documents:

  • UAE residency permit: Please, attach copy of valid UAE residency permit in your application email. However, make sure that the one you use also should be at least six months valid.
  • Attach a passport-sized photo: Put a passport-sized photograph of you. It will be white as the background, and thus your face will be well visible.
  • Prepare proof of accommodation: A hotel or a letter from your local host in Oman will be fine to serve as evidence of your accommodation.
  • Show your return ticket: A photocopy of the return ticket is the second most important requirement as an indicator of the date when you are supposed to leave Oman.
  • Provide proof of financial stability: In these cases, you may be asked for a bank statement or a letter from your employer to help you cover the cost of your stay.
  • Include a health insurance certificate: In some cases, the type of visas requires proof of health insurance coverage the duration that you will be in Oman.
  • For sponsored visas, add sponsorship documents: If you submit on an invitation visa, attaching an invitation letter and sponsor ID is a must.
  • For GCC Resident Visa, prove your profession: A letter from your employer which shows your eligible profession or your work ID can be used as a proof of the eligible professionaland you can get the subsidy.

In Summary

Whether you are planning a short visit, a family trip, or frequent travels, the cost of applying for a visa under Oman visa for UAE resident category and the distinct requirements of each visa type should be known beforehand. It goes from tourist visa to GCC Resident Visa, every option is suitable for different travelling needs and with different price ranges coming from Oman visa for UAE resident.

To obtain a visa for Oman within UAE, applicants need to have the necessary documents. Also, they need to select the appropriate visa type, and submit the application online. It is made simpler with residents of the UAE obtaining their visa in most convenient ways with least trouble. The cost depends on the visa type selected and the length of the stay.

Amidst those who want to understand how to apply for an Oman visa as a UAE resident, the best advice is to be careful in going through the application process and make sure all documents are correct.

For additional help and expert advice on how a UAE resident can apply for an Oman visa , please contact Connect Group. Further information about the cost of an Oman visa for the UAE residents is also available. Our crew of experts is ready to offer you the support and the advice you need for your trip to be delivered properly. Please get in touch with us at +971 43316688 or through email at contact@connectgroup.co.

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