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UAE Visit Visa Renewal: Guidelines and Process

With its awesome scenic views and rich culture, UAE is a great traveller and tourists’ spot. If they wish to extend their stay, they need to renew their visit visa.

We bring this piece of content that tells you about:

  • Visit visa’s renewal process
  • Duration
  • Cost
  • Document submission
  • Payment procedures
  • Status tracking

What is a Visit Visa Renewal in UAE?

visa renewal UAE

In UAE, you can renew your visit visa to enjoy an extended stay. The visit visa renewal process is defined to:-

  • Ensure legal protocols are followed
  • Avoid complications concerning overstaying

How to Check UAE Visa Renewal Status Online?

You can simply check your visa renewal status through an online platform. The UAE government established this user-friendly portal to help people stay updated.

This portal has these features:

  1. An innovative approach
  2. Providing applicants with real-time updates
  3. A comprehensive overview detailing renewal process’ different stages

Advantages of Online Portal

It offers the following benefits:

  • The portal makes it convenient to access it from anywhere
  • Diminishes the need for physical visits to:
  • Government offices
  • Visa centers
  • Accessible to busy individuals
  • Speeds up the whole process
  • Enable better trip planning
  • Accommodates people with different technological proficiency
  • Provides a positive and stress free experience

Visa Renewal Process in UAE

Stages for Renewal

The visa renewal process has well-defined stages:

  1. Initial submission of documents
  2. Final approval
  3. Scrutiny by immigration authorities

Steps for the process

You follow these steps:

  • Submit the essential documents:
  • Valid passport
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Additional documents as asked by immigration authorities
  • Make necessary payments
  • The process starts
  • Documents are examined by immigration authorities
  • The status is updated
  • You receive your renewed visa
  • The stay extends in the UAE

Submission of the Documents

After sorting all documents in order, submit them through either of these channels:

  • Visa centers
  • Online portal

Make the Payment


You make payment as the next step. The fee varies depending on factors:

  • Visa type
  • Duration of extension


The fees are to:-

  • Cover administrative costs
  • Ensure an effective process
  • Manage a high volume of visa applications received regularly


Applicants can make payments through different channels, such as:

  1. online payment portal
  2. Visa centers
  3. Approved banks


It is significant as the payment proof has to be shared throughout different stages of the process.

Application Process Begins

  • Immigration authorities:
  • Scrutinize submitted documents
  • Verify passport validity
  • Confirm photo authenticity
  • Review additional documents
  • Applicants may get contacted by the authorities seeking clarification or additional information
  • Applicants respond

A change in status

Midway through the process, it is not unlikely to see a change in status.This change is important as:

  1. It reflects the transition from the previous visa status to a renewed one
  2. This validates that the person’s legal standing in the UAE aligns with the extended duration granted through the renewal.

Applicants may receive updates about the status change through an online portal. Sometimes:

  • you may have to visit:
  • Visa centers
  • Government offices
  • Biometric data is collected

Renewed Visa

People receive their renewed visa which allows them to legally stay in the UAE for an extended period of time. The renewed visa:-

  • Reflects the new validity period
  • Is a moment of relief and celebration for applicants
  • Signifies successful process
  • Is an official approval from the immigration authorities

It is imperative for applicants to:-

  • Review their renewed visa carefully
  • Ensure that all details, including the validity period and visa category, align with their expectations

Any discrepancies or errors are to be brought to the attention of authorities

What is the Cost of Visa Renewal in Dubai?

visa renewal UAE

The cost to renew your Dubai visit visa varies because of visa type and extension’s duration. This cost involves:

  1. Administrative charges
  2. Processing fees

How Long Does the Process Take?

The aim of the UAE government has always been to speed up important processes. But it can depend on certain factors to affect the time frame.

Factors in Visa Renewal Duration

  1. Type of visa
  2. Document completion
  3. Overall caseload

It is better if you start your application in advance of your current visa’s expiration date. This can help you avoid any delays.

Wrapping it Up

People seeking to extend their visit to UAE have to keep up with all the things ranging from compiling and submitting all documents, paying the fee, and receiving the renewed visa. All these things need keen focus. With Connect Group at your back, you do not have to worry about a single hitch during this process. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now.

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