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Family Visa New Rules, Cost, Documents and Process Detail in UAE 2024

2024 introduces significant changes to family visa Dubai, greatly impacting expatriates who wish to reunite with their families in the UAE. These updates include the ability for parents to sponsor male children up to the age of 25 and to sponsor disabled children with special permission. Furthermore, the rules now allow the indefinite sponsorship of unmarried daughters, marking a major development in family reunification efforts.

In this article, we focus on understanding the new family visa Dubai regulations. It is essential to be familiar with the associated costs, necessary documentation, and the detailed application process to successfully obtain a Dubai family visa. Being well-informed about these aspects is key to ensuring a smooth and hassle-free family relocation to the UAE. The updated family visa rules position Dubai as an attractive destination for expatriates seeking to establish a stable and unified family life in a dynamic and welcoming environment.

Family Visa New Rules & Updates in UAE 2024

family visa dubai

The 2024 updates to the Dubai family visa regulations have marked a significant milestone for expatriates in the UAE. These new rules focus on facilitating family reunification. Offering greater flexibility and options for those looking to bring loved ones to Dubai. One of the most significant revisions involves extending the age limit for sponsoring male children up to 25 years old. This change proves particularly beneficial for families with children pursuing higher education or starting their careers.

Another noteworthy update is the ability to sponsor unmarried daughters indefinitely, underscoring a commitment to providing ongoing support for family members, regardless of their marital status. Furthermore, the recent regulations permit the sponsorship of disabled children with special permission. Ensuring that the requirements of all family members are taken into account.

Moreover, these changes to the family visa Dubai showcase a progressive and empathetic approach towards the expatriate community in the UAE. Reaffirming the country’s status as a welcoming and family-oriented destination for families worldwide.

Applying For Spouse Visa

Applying for a spouse visa in Dubai is a crucial process for expatriates wishing to join their partners in the UAE. This process is an integral part of the Dubai family visa and requires meticulous attention to detail. In addition, applicants should ensure they meet all requirements and provide the required documentation to ensure a seamless processing experience.

Regarding the family visa Dubai, it is essential to grasp that the spouse visa is granted within a specific legal framework designed to facilitate family reunification in Dubai. This underscores the UAE’s dedication to fostering a hospitable environment for international families. Applying for this visa is a fundamental step for those looking to establish their family life in Dubai. Offering stability and security for couples eager to build their future in this dynamic country.

Cost and Processing Time For Family Visa in UAE

The cost and processing time for obtaining a family visa in Dubai are critical aspects that applicants should carefully consider. The Dubai family visa involves a variety of costs, including application fees, deposits and other additional charges.

Generally, The cost of a Family Visa in Dubai varies, ranging from AED 300 to AED 3,000 or higher, depending on the number of applicants. The processing time for a Dubai family visa can extend up to 60 days. Applicants should ensure they budget appropriately for these expenses and be ready for the financial aspects of the process. Additionally, the processing time can vary, influenced by factors like the accuracy and completeness of the submitted documentation and the current policies in place.

How To Sponsor Family Members For Dubai Visa

Sponsoring family members for a visa in Dubai involves careful planning and understanding of the criteria and requirements. To qualify for the Dubai family visa, expatriates must meet income thresholds, which vary depending on the sponsor’s gender. Additionally, family members aged 18 and above must undergo mandatory medical fitness tests.

The Dubai family visa permits sponsors to bring their spouses, children, and, under specific conditions, parents. The eligibility criteria for sponsoring parents and stepchildren are also specific and should be thoroughly considered.

This process underscores the UAE’s dedication to reuniting families, offering expatriates the chance to bring their loved ones to Dubai. This facet is pivotal for individuals in pursuit of a well-rounded and satisfying life in the UAE.

Children’s Visa

The Dubai child visa, a component of the Dubai family visa, holds great importance for expatriates seeking to bring their children to the UAE. With the recent regulations, sons can now be sponsored up to the age of 25. Offering significant advantages for families with children in college or launching their careers.

In addition, unmarried daughters can be sponsored with no age limit, providing greater flexibility and security for families. This inclusive and family-oriented approach to visa policy reflects Dubai’s commitment to family welfare and unity. In addition, this facilitating the integration of children into UAE society.

Parents Visa

The Dubai parent visa, under the family visa framework, allows expatriates to sponsor their parents, this strengthening family ties in the UAE. The income requirements for sponsoring parents are specific and higher.

Reflecting the need to ensure adequate financial stability for elder care. This policy underscores the respect and value Dubai places on the family unit. Offering expatriates, the ability to keep their elderly loved ones close and ensure them a comfortable and secure life in the UAE.

Basic Criteria To Become Eligible

The basic criteria to be eligible for the family visa Dubai include meeting certain income thresholds and passing medical tests. Male residents need a specific minimum salary or a combination of salary and accommodation. While female residents have slightly different income requirements.

Furthermore, medical testing is a requirement for family members aged 18 and above. These criteria demonstrate the UAE’s dedication to the safety and welfare of expatriate families. Ensuring that sponsors can provide adequate support for their family members in Dubai.

Required Documents For Family Visa in Dubai

To apply for the Dubai family visa, you will need to collect several important documents.

  • Complete the visa application form online or on paper.
  • Include passport copies and passport-style photos in the application.
  • If family members are 18 and above, provide a medical fitness certificate.
  • The sponsor should submit their employment contract and salary certificate.
  • Include legalized marriage certificate in the application.
  • Attach the tenancy agreement and the latest utility bill.

Careful preparation and correct submission of these documents are crucial steps to ensure success in the family visa application process in Dubai.

List of Required Documents

The list of documents required for the family visa in Dubai includes:

  • Completed Visa Application Form: Accessible online or in paper format. This serves as the initial step in the application process.
  • Passport Copies (Applicant and Sponsor): Moreover, you need essential identification documents that establish the identity of both the applicant and the sponsor.
  • Recent Passport-size Photographs: White background, required for identification purposes, showcasing the professional and formal nature of the application.
  • Certificate of Medical Fitness: Mandatory for family members above 18 years, emphasizing the importance of health and well-being in the immigration process.
  • Sponsor’s Employment Contract and Salary Certificate: Validates the financial capability of the sponsor, demonstrating the ability to support the family members.
  • Legalized Marriage Certificate: Furthermore, this confirms the marital relationship for the spouse, ensuring legal recognition in the visa application.
  • Tenancy Agreement or Title Deed: Proof of residence in Dubai, establishing the applicant’s connection to the local community.

Step by Step Process After Entry in UAE

family visa dubai

Once family members have entered the UAE with an entry permit, the detailed process for obtaining the Dubai family visa begins. The initial step involves applying for the entry permit before your arrival in the UAE. And you can do this through the GDRFA office or its website, or via the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority.

Once you are in the country, the subsequent tasks must be completed within 60 days of obtaining the sponsor’s visa. The applicant should visit the relevant GDRFA office to commence the residency visa application process. Which includes submitting essential documents like passports, medical fitness certificates, and proof of family relationship, such as marriage and birth certificates.

Additionally, mandatory medical tests are required for family members aged 18 and above. These tests are conducted at authorized health centers in the UAE and are essential for the visa process. Once these tests are passed, the next step is the application for the Emirates ID. However, an identity document required for all UAE residents.

Entry Permit

The entry permit is the first crucial step in the process of obtaining a family visa in Dubai. You must apply for and obtain this document before arriving in the UAE. Applicants must secure this permit either through the GDRFA office or its website to ensure they meet all pre-arrival requirements. This permit serves as a vital first step in the process. Paving the way for applying for the residency visa once you are in the UAE.

Obtaining an entry permit is a crucial prerequisite for those looking to obtain a family visa in Dubai. You must obtain this essential document before entering the UAE, marking the initial phase of the visa application journey. Applicants can obtain this permit directly from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) office or through its official website. By doing so, they ensure they meet all necessary prerequisites before arriving in the UAE. In addition, the entry permit serves as a steppingstone, facilitating the subsequent stage of applying for the residency visa upon arrival in the UAE.

Medical Test

Medical tests are a mandatory requirement for family visa applicants in Dubai over the age of 18. These tests involve checking for conditions like HIV and tuberculosis, and they must be conducted at authorized healthcare facilities within the UAE. This process is crucial to guarantee that family members relocating to Dubai meet the health criteria established by local authorities. Thereby ensuring the safety and overall welfare of the community.

In addition, family visa applicants aged 18 and above in Dubai must undergo a medical test as an essential prerequisite. These examinations encompass a thorough screening for various diseases, including HIV and tuberculosis, and must be conducted exclusively at approved health centers within the UAE. This stringent requirement plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing that individuals seeking to reunite with their families in Dubai adhere to the health standards established by local authorities.

Emirates ID

Obtaining an Emirates ID is an essential step for family visa applicants in Dubai. All UAE residents must apply for this official identity document once they have entered the country. Numerous procedures and services within the UAE require the Emirates ID, which serves as primary identification. Including access to health, banking and government services. Obtaining this document is a key step in the process of integration and settlement in Dubai.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a prerequisite for family visa applicants in Dubai. This insurance must cover all dependents of the sponsor and is mandatory to ensure access to health services in the UAE. Providers offer varying insurance costs and coverage, which you should carefully consider when planning for family reunification in Dubai. This requirement reflects the importance the UAE places on the welfare and safety of all its residents. It is important that you obtain these documents from official entities and following the established protocols. With this, you will avoid many problems when applying.


In conclusion, the 2024 family visa Dubai regulations offer significant opportunities for expatriates seeking to reunite their families in the UAE. From meeting the basic eligibility criteria to gathering the necessary documents. Each step of the process is crucial to ensure a successful application.

A detailed understanding of the costs involved the application process, and the importance of the entry permit, medical evidence, Emirates ID and health insurance are essential for a smooth integration in Dubai. In addition, with these recommendations, applicants can successfully navigate the process and revel in an enriching own family lifestyle within the UAE.

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