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Understanding the Role of Dubai Labour Court

Labor disputes are a complex terrain in Dubai, and delving into it makes clear the important function that the Labour Court Dubai plays. This court is a very important institution, and it both settles and adjudicates labor problems on the large and sometimes bustling UAE economic zone.

In this article, we will be exploring everything regarding the Labour Court Dubai, mixed with a deep analysis of its procedures and functions, along with how it relates to Dubai’s laws. Moreover, this court has a crucial role in safeguarding both the interests and rights of everyone, including employers and employees. Furthermore, this will ensure an equitable and fair resolution of problems. Come with us on an exploration of the Dubai Labour Court. We will unravel the complexities involved with its role in promoting a just and harmonious working environment in Dubai.

Overview the Labour Court in Dubai

Labour Court Dubai

If you are getting through workplace concerns in Dubai, it is important that you understand the Labour Court Dubai. This court exists with the main objective of ensuring fair treatment for both employers and employees equally. It also helps giving a platform meant to resolve problems that come from UAE Labour Law.
So, you may be wondering, How can I Complain to Labour Court in Dubai? Well, while an option is direct court filing, we highly recommend you to attempt amicable settlement first. You can do this through the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, often known as MOHRE. Here is how:

  • Contact MOHHRE: Firstly, you must call their labour court Dubai toll free number, 800 84. This number is available in either English, Urdu and Arabic.
  • Visit their website: Moreover, you can visit MOHRE official website. On the other hand, you can download the MOHRE app in your mobile device.
  • Explain your concern: After contacting with MOHRE, you need to state clearly the reason and nature of your complaint. It could be either unfair dismissal, unpaid wages or another violation of your rights as an employee. In this stage, we recommend you to provide documents and evidence that can support your case. This can include things such as salary slips, employment contracts or communication records.
  • Participate in conciliation sessions: Furthermore, MOHRE will try to create and mediate a solution between you and your employer. 

If conciliation efforts are not enough and no agreement is reached, MOHRE will issue a referral to the Labour Court Dubai. Therefore, you have 14 days in total from the referral date to register formally your complaint. Remember that seeking legal advice can be very beneficial, especially if you have a complex case.

Essential Information for Labour Court Complaints

Before you venture in the courtroom, we will provide you essential information for your Labour Court Dubai complaint. By knowing these details, you will streamline your journey and also give your confidence a huge boost.

One important thing to remember is the Dubai labour court number, which is +971 55 564 6276. This number works for both appointments and general inquiries. Moreover, you also have the MOHRE’s toll-free number, which is 800 84. We recommend you to reach out to them for dispute resolution attempts and initial guidance.

Furthermore, you can file your complaint either at MOHRE’s official website, its app, or in person at a Customer Service Center. On the other hand, you can visit the Labour Court Dubai website, which allows online registration in both English and Arabic.

Another thing to keep in mind is to be prepared to pay court fees. These fees can vary depending on your case’s nature. Therefore, you can learn more about specific fees if you ask your legal counsel or at the court.

Moreover, court proceeding mostly happen in Arabic. So, if you are not fluent, you should really hire a legal representative or a translator who can speak the language.

Do not forget that legal processes, especially in the courtroom, often take time. We recommend you to remain calm, attend every scheduled hearings and follow every procedure to ensure a seamless process.

File a Labor Complaint

Filing a complaint can be confusing for some people, so we will break down every step to successfully file a Labour Court Dubai complaint.

Firstly, you need to gather every evidence that helps your case. For example, recordings, emails, employment contracts, salary slips and witness statements. Basically, you need to find anything that can prove your claim against your employer. Therefore, the clearer your evidence, the better your chances get to success.

Furthermore, you can contact the court using the UAE labour court number, or if you want more prior guidance, give MOHRE a call at 800 84. MOHRE will offer you guidance and will try to resolve your problem in a calm way.

Therefore, you need to consider conciliation. MOHRE will help you having negotiation sessions with your employer. You must attend these session with an open mind. This could lead to a cool and great mutually agreeable solution, which will save you energy and time.

On the other hand, you must know that court fees are a reality. Ensure you can cover them before you start any procedure, and keep in mind these vary depending in your case.

Dubai Labour Court Helpline

If you feel lost while navigating Dubai workplace issues, then you should use the labour court Dubai number. Whether you are looking to file a formal complaint or need initial guidance, this crucial resource will help you take action.

Therefore, do not forget that the Dubai labour court helpline number is +971 55 564 6276. By dialing this number, you will be connected with knowledgeable representatives. They will guide you through the process and answer any question you have.

Moreover, do not hesitate to speak your mind about any concerns you have. It does not matter if it is unfair dismissal, contract violations or unpaid wages, the staff on the labour court helpline number is ready to offer good advice and understand your case and situation.

Furthermore, the helpline itself can be really helpful if you want to explore the available avenues for resolving your problem. They can explain to you the MOHRE’s conciliation provess, talk about court filing procedures or even help you get translator services or legal aid.

In addition, if you are not fluent in Arabic, it is not a problem for the helpline. They can get you in touch with representatives who can speak English or other different languages. This will help ensuring that you voice is heard and your rights are safeguarded.

The helpline can also schedule appointments for you at either Labour Court Dubai or MOHRE, which will help you make sure that you have an efficient and streamlined journey. Having that in mind, do not hesitate to use this valuable resource.

Duration and Judgment

If you are navigating the Labour Court Dubai, you may have some questions about outcomes and timelines, and we are help to help you shed light on your concerns.

  • Duration: While the average case proceedings on the Labour Court Dubai can take around 90 days, there are factors that can influence this duration. They include things like witness availability, appeals and evidence complexity, and all of them can significantly stretch the timeline. Having that clear, you must proceed with persistence and patience.
  • First hearing: If everything goes normal, you will wait around 22 days from filing your complaint to have your first hearing. Keep in mind that this first session sets the stage for more proceedings and also establishes the case frameworks.
  • Future hearings: The total number of hearing you will face depends entirely on your case intricacies. You can expect from 2 to 5 sessions, and each one of them will focus on evidence presentation, specific arguments and witness testimonies.
  • Judgement: Once every argument is heard and all the evidence is thoroughly review, the judge can proceed to deliver the verdict. This act can take several weeks after the final hearing is done. Furthermore, remember that judgements can be appealed by either you or your employer, which can extend your case’s duration.
  • Appeals: If you are not happy with the initial judgment, you have every right to appeal to the Court of Appeal within 30 days. If you do this, be prepared for more hearings and a long timeline.
  • Execution: Even if the judgment is favorable, keep in mind that getting your due compensation can take some time. Therefore, you may need to file for execution with the Execution Court. This involves additional procedures and paperwork.

MoHRE’s Online Service

Before you venture into the Labour Court Dubai, you should consider MOHRE’s online service. This platform can be your potential first step towards resolution and also offers many benefits.

The first advantage is presented as accessibility, given by the chance to skip paperwork hassle and queues. You can file you complaint anywhere and anytime you want, as long as you have internet connection.

Moreover, you can choose between salary complaint and labour complaint. While the first one is for delayed salaries or unpaid wages, the second one covers workplace problems like contract violations and unfair dismissal.

On the other hand, the platform can offer you guidance through clear instructions and resources. By using them, you can navigate a lot easily the complaint process.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to track in real time your complaint’s progress. You can stay informed about any decisions, updates or next steps.

Additionally, it offers the possibility to have early resolution. Through MOHRE’s conciliation efforts, your problem may be resolved without needing to go to the Labour Court Dubai. This will help saving your time and money on the legal fees.

Importance of Dubai Labour Court in Resolving Employment Disputes

Labour Court Dubai

The Labour Court Dubai has a very important role in safeguarding both employers and employees rights within the UAE. It performs as a neutral ground designed to resolving employment issues that may arise from unpaid wages, contract breaches, unfair dismissals and other workplace concerns.

Its importance lays on its ability to provide a platform for everyone to be heard and present their perspective. This helps ensuring an impartial and fair resolution to any issues.

Moreover, it also helps employees to make sure their rights marked in UAE’s Labour Law are being meet. This prevents exploitation and also promotes a good work environment.

On the other hand, by having clear legal standards, it fosters confidence and stability within UAE’s business community. Therefore, it will attract talent and promote sustainable economic growth.

Furthermore, it offers an efficient and structures system for resolving conflicts, which minimizes disruption and also facilitates workplace’s smooth transitions.

How Much is the Labor Court Fee in Dubai?

There are no court fees if you are an employee filing a complaint against your employer, regardless of the amount of money that is being claimed. On the other hand, if an employer is filing a lawsuit against their employee, they have to pay a court fee that includes 5% of the total amount that is being claimed. However, this fee can not be more than AED 20,000.

Additionally, if the Labour Court Dubai appoints an expert witness, then everyone will have to share the cost of the fees. Moreover, if either the employee or the employer appeals the judgment, they will have to pay another fee.

Keep in mind that fees can change, so we recommend you to check with the court or your legal adviser for more information.


In conclusion, the Labour Court Dubai is an excellent tool in the realm of workplace issues. It is a testament to UAE’s desire to give employers and employees fair treatment. While the complaint filing journey can be difficult, using every tool presented in this article will help you having a more seamless and easy process.

If you want to learn more about other related topics, we highly recommend you to check our insights. In there, you will find articles made to improve your understanding. However, to hire our services, just visit our contact section.

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