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Emirates ID Fine Check in UAE – Payment Process Explained

In the UAE there is a penalty system called Emirates ID fine, which is linked to your identification card. Thus, you must understand how important it is for Emirati citizens, GCC citizens, and foreign residents. This way, you can avoid the sanctions given by the government for different reasons related to it.

In this article, we strive to clearly show you how you can renew your emirates id online. Furthermore, understanding everything related to this topic will make it easier for you to comply with the requirements to avoid fines.

Emirates ID fine exemption

You can apply for an exemption from the Emirates ID number if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • If the residence permit expires while you are abroad, you will be exempt from fines but you will have to pay the renewal fee.
  • If the validity of the ID card expires and you do not have the passport due to renewal or confiscation in a court case. Thus, if this is your case, you will have to get a receipt that certifies the renewal process. Likewise, if the authorities confiscate it, you will need a letter from them to forgive the fine.
  • Also, if you are in bed or if you have a contagious disease, you will not pay a fine. However, you must present a medical report certified by local authorities.
  • If you are an Emirati citizen over 70 years of age who cannot go to the customer service center.
  • Additionally, as diplomatic personnel or consular missions and embassies in the United Arab Emirates.
  • In the case it has been a delay in updating or renewing the identification due to a computer problem.
  • If you are a citizen under the social security system or if you are under sponsorship. In this case, you must present proof of the financial situation issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and other certified authorities for this purpose.

Step by Step Process to Emirates ID fine check

Emirates ID fine

In the Emirates there are several ways in which you can check your fines, which in reality given current technology, will be a very simple process. Below you will see the different methods either online or in person available to both foreigners and UAE nationals to do the Emirates ID fine check online step by step:

Visiting the Dubai Police Website

One of the methods you can use to verify and pay your Emirates ID fine is through the Dubai police website as follows:

  1. Visit the website portal. For this, you will only need to take any electronic device and enter the police web portal. The address of this platform is www.dubaipolice.gov.ae.
  2. Select the section you need. When you have entered the platform, go to the tab that says FINES INQUIRY AND PAYMENT.
  3. Choose access services. Below you will see several options, select with a click on ACCESS SERVICES.
  4. Choose fines and payment for consultations. Here you can choose how you want to check your Dubai police fines.
  5. Select the query mode. You can make inquiries with the CT numbers of the Emirate of Dubai, with the license number, the vehicle number, and the fine number.
  6. Click SEARCH. After entering all the data, select search and then you will be able to see all the fines that your emirates ID card may have.

This is one of the easiest and fast methods to pay fines online using your Emirates ID card detail.

Easy Access from the Abu Dhabi Police Mobile App

Below you will see the detailed guide on how to use the Abu Dhabi Police application to check your Emirates ID:

  1. Download the app: Firstly; download the ABU DHABI POLICE application on your mobile device through the app store. This application is available for Android or iOS systems.
  2. Log in: After downloading the application, enter it and you will find a site where it says LOG IN. Now, to start, you can use the identification number or simply your phone number.
  3. Register your vehicle: This application is similar to a virtual assistant, so it will request information about your vehicle. Additionally, it is similar to the in-vehicle application because you will have to enter data about it.
  4. Find the fine: Once you register your vehicle, the application will show a list of all the fines it has.
  5. Check and pay your fine: To verify the fines, you can click on each one to see more detailed information about the offense. Later, you can pay the cost of the fine through the application.

Pay Online on the Abu Dhabi Police Website

To pay the Emirates ID fine online through the official website of Abu Dhabi Police platform, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official Abu Dhabi Police web portal.
  2. Then, go to where it says OUR SERVICES.
  3. Choose the payment of traffic fines within PUBLIC SERVICES, once there, you will see several tabs, and select PAYMENT OF TRAFFIC FINES. The page will then redirect you to the TAMM Abu Dhabi website portal.
  4. Log in to the website. To do this you will need your Emirates Pass or UAE ID Card.
  5. Now, you will be able to see your fines on the screen.
  6. Once you have seen the list, you can select the fine you want to pay online.

This way, you can pay the abu dhabi police fine check without any hassle.

Checking Emirates ID fines at Sahl Kiosks

You can verify and check your Emirates ID fine online through Sahl Kiosks, by following the steps given below:

  1. First, locate a Sahl Kiosk, which will generally be easy to find and located in government or shopping centers.
  2. Once located, you can interact with it since these kiosks are electronic machines prepared to consult about your fines.
  3. Select EMIRATES IDENTIFICATION SERVICES below, then you will see the options on the screen. Now, choose EMIRATES ID SERVICES.
  4. Then, choose QUERY ABOUT FINES, and the system will show several options.
  5. Next, the kiosk will ask you to enter your data so you must follow the instructions to complete the process. Use your emirates id to check the data entered to ensure it is correct.
  6. Check the detailed information related to your fines and take your time so you can understand the information.
  7. Some of these kiosks allow you to print the receipt with the information or simply save it digitally.
  8. Finally, you will be able to exit the Kiosk at this point.

In-Person Fine Payment at Customer Service Centers in UAE

Another way in which you can verify the Emirates ID card fine is through the customer service centers distributed in the Emirates. Likewise, to check the fines, follow the steps we will show you:

  1. Time of visit. If you prefer, you can make inquiries about fines by going to a customer service center.
  2. Collect all necessary documents before going to the center. Verify that you have everything you will need to make your application on hand, such as your UAE identification and details of your vehicle. This data is important to accessing the information you need.
  3. Locate the nearest service center. You can go to the service center closest to your home and you can find it by searching for the address online.
  4. Request the information. Upon arrival, contact the customer service staff to request the information you need.
  5. Enter your data. Offer all your emirates id or vehicle information or identification to the person who assists you.
  6. Receive the information. Once you deliver all the data, wait for the staff to verify the lists of fines and reports.

How to Check Emirates ID fine on the GDRFA Website

In addition to the previous methods, there is another one that you can use to verify the Emirates ID fine. Likewise, it is an online method through the GDRFA page or the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs of the Emirates. Thus, you can make the query easily by following these steps:

  1. To find the GDRFA site, type in your browser, gdrfad.gov.ae. When you find it, enter the website.
  2. Already on the home page, look at the bottom, the section that says MORE SERVICES, and click on FINES CONSULTATION. From here you can locate the fines by entering your Emirates ID.
  3. Now, choose the UAE ID search type and choose it. Additionally, in the drop-down options menu choose FINES QUERY, which will allow you to search for the fine related to your Emirati ID.
  4. Enter the Emirates ID very carefully, and enter the identification number that must be 15 digits, also enter the date of your birth in DD/MM/YYYY format and what your gender is.
  5. Check the box indicating that you are not a robot and complete the CAPTCHA identifying the images correctly.
  6. Verify the results of the query carefully, including overdue fines, violations, amounts, and payment deadlines.

In case you find an error when checking the fines, you can check the ID status online to see its validity time.

Types of Emirates ID fine

Emirates ID fine

The official document issued to all residents of the United Arab Emirates is the so-called UAE ID. Likewise, by getting this document you have the responsibility of complying with all its regulations. Hence, the fine is applied to everyone equally, to national residents of the emirates, those of the GCC, and expatriates.

Likewise, an Emirates ID fine can be paid online with credit or debit cards alike. On the other hand, the reasons for paying a fine are late registration or renewal. On the identification card, you will be able to see personal information such as visa, full name, and validity date. Thus, for this reason, you must update it after 30 days of expiration so that the fine of AED 200 does not apply. Furthermore, with these deadlines, you will have the guarantee of always maintaining the validity of the identification document.

Damage to ID card

The Emirati government requires the cardholder to keep it in good condition, without damage or alterations that prevent the veracity of their information. Hence, if your emirates id card is found to be in bad shape, then you will have to request a new emirates id card to replace the damaged one which will cost AED 200.

Therefore, we recommend that you keep it in good condition to avoid the government applying penalties for this.

Stolen or lost card

If your Emirates ID card is lost or stolen, you must inform the authorities quickly so that its authenticity is not compromised and the emirates id tracking can be put to good use. Otherwise, you will have to pay your fine of AED 500.

Improper uses of the document

You need the identification to validate your residence and to legalize your access to the country. Therefore, improper use beyond its scope or for illegal reasons will result in the payment of a fine of AED 2000 depending on the gravity of the act.

Use of the card by another person

If you allow the use of the card by another person, if you share the data, or alternative use you will have to pay an Emirates ID fine. In addition, the fine will be not less than AED 500.

False information

If you provide false information in the application, or in the update, or if the names, dates, and records are incorrect, you will pay a fine. Consequently, when applying for the visa, make sure to express your details very well so as not to pay the fine of AED 1000.

Duplicate the card without authorization

You will not be able to duplicate your ID card without government authorization due to authentication issues. Otherwise, you could pay a fine of AED 2,000 for the crime. Also, keep in mind that all of these restrictions are in place for bearers to correctly use the UAE ID.

Likewise, this will help ensure that everything is protected and safe.

Final Note

Emirates ID fine check is the best If you want to be a responsible citizen because you will be up to date with your identity documents. Likewise, currently, verification is a simple task since there are many ways to do it as you saw previously. Additionally, by staying up to date regarding renewal or fine payments, you can rest easy.

If you want more information about this and other related topics, we invite you to contact us and our staff will help you.

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