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Staffing Agency vs. EOR

Staffing Agency vs. EOR (Employer of Record)

If a third party that can supply staff for your business is what you´re looking for, maybe you’ve already considered two main options. Therefore, employer of record vs. staffing agency are atop of the most common solutions for organizations that need to hire workers since they offer several advantages.

Similarly, business owners may face several tests with recruitment, but with the right partner, you can overcome them successfully. Nevertheless, before deciding to commit to a service provider, it’s necessary to understand how they work. Therefore, we can identify the differences between an Employer of record and staffing firms, and it’s crucial for you to know about this.

In this article, you will learn what you need to know about staffing firms and Employer of Record responsibilities. In addition, you’ll be capable of deciding which solution could be the perfect one for your business. Let’s find out.

How can you distinguish with no trouble between these two employment models?

Maybe you get the feeling there’s too much information out there and it´ll be easier to get a swift read about how to differentiate between an Employer of Record vs. a staffing agency. Therefore, taking this into account, simple and easy ways exist without having to learn so much about either employment model.

Business Roles

The biggest difference between an Employer of record and staffing firms is their roles. So, choose an Employer of Record and you´ll get a third party that will handle all of your HR-related tasks. However, with a staffing agency, you´ll get a partner that will assist you only with recruitment talent.


To start, an EOR is responsible for handling all your HR tasks. Meanwhile, the staffing agency is only to focus on assigning employees to your business. Therefore, by working with a staffing agency you’ll have to deal with payments, taxes, and many more responsibilities, meanwhile working with an Employer of Record, you don’t need to do all of this.


An employer of record assumes all your business’ liabilities and responsibilities. As a result, it seems like the perfect solution if you’re venturing into a new market and you don’t want to face any trouble. In addition, it assumes total compliance with a number of areas of your business such as payroll, taxes, administration, and more.

In addition, once you get why these two are so different, you´ll be clear about which one could be the perfect one for your business. Here in Connect Group, we want to help you find a great solution that benefits your workforce.

What really is a staffing agency?

The connection between an employer and a potential employee is basically what defines a staffing agency or staffing firm. Not to be confused with an EOR, a staffing agency won’t handle all of your HR management, it will only focus on recruitment and hiring.

Do you know why staffing agencies don’t handle HR tasks? Often they don’t have enough resources to manage all of your human resources. As a result, their sole purpose is to find qualified candidates for your business.

Similarly, if what you want is an innovative workforce solution you can rest your trust in a staffing agency.

Responsibilities of a staffing agency

Many differences exist between an Employer of Record vs. staffing agency when it comes to responsibilities.  As a result, staffing agencies focus only on assigning employees to your business. You can rest assured that is not an easy task, but it ensures you get top-level hiring.

As a result, assessing the differences between an Employer of Record vs. staffing agency, we could point out the responsibilities of the latter:

  • State job descriptions.
  • Help you with your company’s branding.
  • Advertisement and recruitment.
  • Reception and review of applicants.
  • Select the right candidates to fulfill your executive positions.
  • Assign temporary and permanent employees.
  • Develop a talent database for your company.

Similarly, when searching for Employer of record and staffing firms, consider which service you need. In conclusion, a staffing agency is a solution if you only need to get workers. But, an EOR may be the best option if what you want is to expand or if you have troubles dealing with your human resources management.

Advantages of working with staffing agencies

  • Working with a staffing agency will get you the following advantages:
  • Access to staff whenever you require.
  • Stand-in for every last-minute replacement.
  • Supple workforce.
  • Any type of hiring contract (temporary, non-temporary).
  • Compliance with peak demand and in-season hiring.

If there are any doubts left on whether to choose an Employer of Record vs. staffing agency, you can reach Connect Group to help you decide. Understanding your individual requirements is what we do; we will make sure that you always make the right choice for you and your company. Our staff filled with specialists is always ready and available to assist you and help you answer your entire questions about working with us and hiring our service.

What do you really get when you choose a staffing agency?

If you want to look at the benefits of staffing agencies, it is important to remember that their main focus is assigning employees to your business. On a positive note, you´ll get top-level hiring and a specialized workforce.

Similarly, it’s important to remember that you should not be confused when comparing a staffing firm with an Employer of Record because they are two separate things. You should take into account that even though some employers of record (EORs) work aligned with a staffing firm they are by a big shot not the same.

As a result, among the benefits of working with a staffing agency we can point out the following:

  • Fill out job positions.
  • Help you with your company’s branding in international markets.
  • Publicized recruitment.
  • Interview of applicants.
  • Assign temporary and permanent employees.
  • Create a talent pool for your company.

As a result, this service is enthusiastic about helping you with the supply of the workforce. Therefore, it is a convenient way of dismissing the weight of your human resources team. Similarly, the agency is set to handle anything related to the recruitment of talent, so you can only focus on the activities that will ensure operations run smoothly with your management.

In addition, whenever you look for Employer of record and staffing firms, it is important to consider which services you require or need. If you are mostly looking forward to hiring workers for your business or company, a staffing agency may seem like the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you have issues with handling human resources management or are planning to expand, an EOR will suit you better.

Is a staffing firm the best choice for your company?

Your company will get a handful of support when working with a staffing firm. First, you would have access to staff whenever you require. You would be able to choose according to your needs between temporary and non-temporary workforce.

In addition, we make sure in Connect Group that you comply with peak job demands and in-season hiring for any last-minute recruitment.

Similarly, if there are any doubts left on whether to choose an Employer of Record vs. staffing agency or you are not clear which benefits you´ll get, you can reach Connect Group to help you decide. Understanding your individual requirements is what we do.

Roles and Purposes of an EOR

If assistance with your HR management is what you´re looking for, an Employer of Record provides many solutions for you.  The Employer of Record doesn´t only handle recruitment, but also payroll, and many other things.

The Employer of Record takes care of everything related to human resources. In addition, an Employer of Record is able to make important decisions regarding your operations included but not limited to:

  • Recruitment of workforce: an Employer of Record will help you find the most suited employees for your job offerings. Therefore, it doesn´t matter if you need a freshman or a senior executive, we´ll find it for you.
  • Immigration and work papers: everything from a work visa to a work permit is part of our full stack of responsibilities.
  • Taxes: handling your taxes is part of an EOR first line of work, this way you are in full compliance with any local taxation laws.
  • Peril management: the Employer of record will help you take care of any risk that might ensue while you work.
  • Payroll: payments and taking care of any other administrative task of the EORs duties.

Benefits of partnering with an Employee of Record

Benefits are a huge part of distinguishing between an Employer of Record vs. staffing agency. When considering the advantages, you need to evaluate the Employer of record pros and cons. This way you´ll be able to decide if this is the perfect solution for you.

Some of the benefits of working with an Employer of Record are as follows:

  • Access new markets quickly and easily.
  • International hiring tailored to your every need.
  • Compliance with local guidelines.
  • Support with every HR function.
  • Support with international and local administration and payroll.

In addition, we in Connect group make sure you are always the priority, is our sole purpose to put our best effort into making sure you get the best deals and benefits regarding your workforce.

How reliable is working with an EOR?

You´ll be fully covered working with an EOR, like:

  • Make your company access new markets and grow exponentially.
  • Worldwide recruitment suited to your every need.
  • Compliance with local guidelines.
  • Human resources support in any part of the world.
  • Handling international payroll, hiring, and writing contracts.

In addition, whenever you look for Employer of record and staffing firms, keep in mind the services you require or need. In addition, if you are not sure which one to choose, we in Connect Group can give you the assessment you need to make the best choice.

How can Connect Group help you?

Whether you´re debating between Employer of Record vs. staffing agency, it is important to remember what is that your business really needs. We in Connect Group want to help you get the best results for your workforce.

Nevertheless, there may be some Employer of record pros and cons you are considering, but there is no need to worry about this. We in Connect Group provide customized solutions based on your very own needs.

As a result, here we have the benefits you’ll get by working with Connect Group:

  • Top candidates for your business straight from our recruitment database.
  • Get the best workforce to boost and amplify business productivity.
  • Assessment in every step of the hiring process.
  • No more dealing with immigration correspondence.
  • A 24/7 manager dedicated only to your business.
  • Expertise at the most competitive price.

Would you like to contact Connect group for Staffing Services? You can call at 00 971 433 16 688 or send an email to contact@connectgroup.co, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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