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trade license sharjah

What is Trade License in Sharjah

Are there outstanding opportunities waiting for you in the Middle East today? Undoubtedly, yes, they are. Nonetheless, you must comply with a specific legal background to do so. That is why you need to learn everything you can about the advantages of getting a Trade License in Sharjah nowadays.

Navigate through this article to find excellent information about the Sharjah trade license. Above all, it includes the types of trade licenses and the procedure you must follow to get one. So, begin your new business journey in the UAE by discussing the following topics:

Types of Trade Licenses in Sharjah Free Zone

trade license sharjah

After the excellent experience of your friend moving to Dubai from the UK with a Freelance Visa, you probably decided to start a business in the UAE. More specifically, you assessed all your options and selected the Sharjah Free Zone as your new business home.

However, that same friend recommended analyzing the legal aspects of the process. Above all, he highlighted the most essential feature for every businessperson in this location: A Trade License in Sharjah. Hence, we will begin by asking: What is a Sharjah trade license?

The Sharjah business license is a document that allows you to perform specific business activities in the zone. Therefore, you must apply for it with the Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) to set up a company in locations like the Sharjah Freezone. Assuredly, it will undoubtedly be a great idea.

In this sense, the Sharjah Economic Department offers three types of licenses to local and foreign investors. The one that suits you better will depend on the business activity you want to perform in the Emirate. So, let us explore the available types of trade licenses in Sharjah:

Industrial License

After learning how to start a business in Dubai, you must follow the steps to get a Trade License in Sharjah. However, the SEDD will begin by asking you the type of business you want to set up. So, what happens if you plan to start a manufacturing business?

Indeed, those employees will tell you that such a business requires an Industrial License. After all, this type of Sharjah trade license allows investors to set up companies for industrial activities, such as manufacturing products or packaging goods. By all odds, the UAE is the best place for it.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the Sharjah Economic Department has a list of allowed industrial activities. Hence, ensure your business plan relates to one of them before applying for your trade license in Sharjah. On the contrary, they may say “no” to your request.

In short, an industrial license is the document you need to set up a company that manufactures your products in Sharjah. Nevertheless, what if your business idea is not about production but about providing professional services in the Middle East?

Professional License

The Industrial License is your best choice if you want to manufacture products in mainland Sharjah. However, it is a different story if, for instance, your specialty is to provide business consultancy services on how to sell these products in the UAE. So, what can you do in this case?

Sharjah authorities will tell you that you must apply for a Professional License to do so. Furthermore, it will allow you to provide other professional services, such as legal and accounting. In other words, this trade license in Sharjah will let you show your skills, knowledge, and talent.

Similarly to the Industrial License, the Sharjah Economic Department has a professional activities list you can perform in this location. Above all, it exists to reward PRO service providers over people engaging in criminal activities. Therefore, assess such a list before asking for the Sharjah license cost.

In summary, the Professional License is the Sharjah trade license that suits you better as a consultant in the Emirate. Unfortunately, it will not allow you to engage in trade activities in Sharjah or other parts of the UAE. So, is there a license that authorizes it?

Commercial License

As a well-prepared businessperson, you may know several tips to develop a successful UAE market entry strategy. However, you cannot complete designing this strategy without including getting the correct Sharjah business license. So, let us explain the remaining type of trade license in Sharjah.

Buying and selling goods or importing and exporting products are activities with outstanding success in the UAE. Nevertheless, you can create a business that performs them without applying for a Commercial License. Hence, it is the required trade license in Sharjah for trading activities.

On the other hand, we should mention that this type of Sharjah trade license may need additional legal documents depending on the products you want to import or export. For instance, you may require other permits to manage your business from a virtual office in the UAE.

That is it! You now know the available types of trade licenses you will find in Sharjah. At this point, your logical assessment will tell you it is time to learn how to get a trade license in Sharjah. Luckily, we will dedicate our following topic to explain the process.

How you can Start a Business and Get a Trade License in Sharjah

trade license sharjah

After making the UAE your new home through excellent visa services, you should take advantage of its prosperous and fast-growing economy. Fortunately, you can do this by starting a business and getting a trade license in Sharjah. Let us show you how to do it.

First, it is worth mentioning that the list of business activities you can perform in Sharjah and other Emirates is substantially extensive. As a result, we cannot say that our procedure will be exact for every business. However, it includes steps that apply to all of them.

Moreover, remember that setting up your business and getting your Sharjah business license is not the end of your journey. On the contrary, experts from Business Centers will tell you that you must also develop strategies to keep your company competitive in the long run.

So, let us show you how you can start a business and get a trade license in Sharjah today without problems:

Choose your business activity

Every first step in life relates to the action you want to perform. Indeed, it is a premise that applies to business in the UAE and the Middle East today. But what does it mean for the investment team sitting in your meeting room and waiting for you in Sharjah?

Above all, it reveals that the first step you must follow in this process is to choose your business activity. Indeed, it is a decision that requires you to assess every aspect, including logistics, finances, alliances, and your customers.

Furthermore, remember that the Sharjah Economic Department limits the available business activities in the Emirate. Therefore, it may be a good idea to analyze if one suits your desires, resources, and abilities. For instance, one may be perfect for the remote workers you hired last month.

So, you decided on the business activity of your future company before asking for the Sharjah trade license fees. Assuredly, it is a requirement for the following step: Selecting the appropriate business licensing category.

Select the appropriate business licensing category

Our previous subject revealed that the Sharjah Economic Department offers several types of trade licenses to investors. Logically, the business activity you picked will tell you which type you require for setting up your payroll outsourcing firm. Let us detail how this works.

Local authorities will tell you that every Sharjah business license has different requirements. After all, you must provide your certificates and degrees for a Professional License and corporate documents for a Commercial License. Ergo, your category will tell you what you must submit.

Lastly, we should add that authorities do not limit the amount of trade licenses you can have in the Emirate. Therefore, you can pay the trade license Sharjah cost for an Industrial License and then apply for a Commercial License to export your products.

So, let us compare your new business with a private office with your first child. What is the first thing you must do after childbirth? Undoubtedly, you have to give him a name.

Submit a Trade Name Request

Indeed, your business should have a distinctive name before following procedures like your Tax and VAT registration. Above all, you must ensure it is creative and reflects the mission and vision of your new company. But how can you register it with UAE authorities nowadays without issues?

In this sense, you can submit a trade name request while you collect the money to pay the Sharjah trade license cost. As a result, local authorities can verify if another business registered it before you or if it contains offensive or inadequate language according to UAE laws and regulations.

Lastly, you will finish this step by receiving authorization from UAE authorities to use your designed name. Remember, you should give excellent employee benefits to the staff that created it. After all, it is a mandatory requirement for applying for a trade license in Sharjah.

Submit an initial application for a trade license

At this point, it is time for the Sharjah Economic Department to discover your business and authorize its operations. Hence, you must submit an initial application for a trade license in Sharjah. So, how can you do this? And what does your application should contain?

Besides paying the Sharjah license cost, your initial application should include the required legal documents, which will vary depending on the type of license you need. For instance, it may require the certificates of your software development team if your Industrial License demands it.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that you will find two ways to perform this initial application. Indeed, the Sharjah Economic Department will allow you to submit it online or in person. Who knows? Maybe your employee from mainland Dubai wants to know SEDD in the flesh.

Luckily, we can reveal that you will only find one step remaining to follow: Getting the required government authorizations.

Get the Required Government Authorizations

Time is the only thing that separates you from your license after submitting your initial application and paying the Sharjah trade license fees. Here, the Sharjah Economic Department will review your legal documents and analyze the business activity you want to perform.

If your case follows the best-case scenario, SEDD will approve your application and submit your trade license in Sharjah. Indeed, they may include recommendations regarding your business activity and local laws and regulations. Remember to follow them to avoid future disputes with UAE authorities.

Finally, you can begin operations in your cybersecurity solutions company with your Sharjah trade license in your hands. Furthermore, UAE authorities may regularly update the requirements for a Sharjah business license. Therefore, you may have to renew it in the future.

Understanding the Importance of Trade Licensing

It is correct to state that getting a trade license in Sharjah feels like a win-win deal from every vantage point. Indeed, it allows authorities to guarantee that you are following regulations adequately. On the other hand, it lets you enter this excellent market and enjoy its advantages.

Moreover, the Sharjah trade license is a document that gives your clients the confidence they need about your business. As a result, you may witness a demand increase after getting it from the Sharjah Economic Department. So, prepare for the upgraded workload ahead!

Connect Group

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that getting a trade license in Sharjah is not an easy process for everyone. Fortunately, you can trust in the assistance of companies such as Connect Group. Their services will give your business the boost it needs in the UAE today.

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