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Salary Certificate in UAE: A Complete Guide

There are situations where an employee may need a salary certificate from the employer. Once your employees are paid, your accounting department will send you a pay stub each month. It contains all the employee’s salary information and employees can use it for a variety of purposes. Being a proof of recruitment, it is important to understand its components and its importance.

In this article we will give you all the information about salary references. You can learn more about what is salary certificate and why is important this document. Which is part of the fundamental rights of employees in the UAE and how to get salary certificate in UAE. You can also learn more about key elements and relevant labor laws and regulations.

What is a Salary Certificate?

salary certificate

People wonder how to get salary certificate in UAE, it is an official document that you as an employer provide to your employees and they are entitled to file claims with the organization. So, it indicates that this person is an employee of your organization by identifying the period of employment and the salary associated with that period.

Also, this is important because many institutions in the UAE require some form of proof of the employee’s employment and financial status. For example, you can submit your pay stubs to a bank or other financial institution to prove that you can pay your debt.

Besides, salary certificate UAE organizations may also be useful. If your employees are coming to the country to work, it will be helpful to present official salary certificates to the immigration authorities. As well, simply put, a salary slip is a document issued by a company that contains information about an employee’s regular income, financial situation, position within the company and personal information.

Salary certificate format in the UAE

Most human resources professionals must provide employee salary certificate to employees who request them and often wonder how to create a payroll receipt. An example of a basic payslip format is:

[Company Letter Head]

[Email ID]

[Contact Number]

[Salary Certificate]

[Employee ID]

[Contact Number]

Salary Certificate [Employee Signature]

I confirm that [Employee Name], with address at [Employee Address], [Nationality] and [ID Number], is an employee of [Company Name]. ]. He/she is a full-time employee of the organization and works as [designation] in [department]. He currently receives the following monthly payments:

Base salary: AED [basic monthly salary].

Rent: AED [monthly rent].

Automobile fee: AED [Amount of monthly automobile fee]

Other charges: AED [other charges] [other charges].

Monthly total salary: AED

Salary Schedule: Employee receives a monthly salary.

Employment Status: Employee has a regular permanent employment contract. This certificate [specify purpose] at the request of the employee mentioned above. For example, it is issued for the purpose of “visa application”, “bank loan”, “lease agreement”, etc.

Effective Period: This benefit certificate is effective until [expiration date, if applicable]. Additional Notes:

This document is for official use only and cannot be modified. For additional verification, please contact the undersigned at [Contact Information].

Sincerely yours.

[Your Name]

[Company Name]

[Your Title/Position]

[Company Contact Information]

A UAE salary certificate should be simple and straightforward. It should include all information regarding how much money the employee earns each month. Also, the information is usually the same, as shown in the example above, regardless of the format the employee needs.

Benefits and potential challenges of digital salary certificates

The salary certificate Dubai offers many benefits. First, it serves as tangible proof of success. This document is an important requirement for a variety of financial transactions, making it an indispensable tool for employees. So, implementing a digital pay certificate offers the following benefits.

Ensure data protection

Therefore, digital payroll certificates ensure the security of employee data.Unlike paper certificates, which can easily be lost or misplaced, digital versions are stored electronically and can be accessed securely.

Increase productivity

HR professionals should not waste time printing and digitally signing these documents. This helps you work more efficiently by reducing the time you spend on manual processes. As well, HR professionals no longer need to waste time printing and signing payrolls. So, digital authentication makes processes more efficient, freeing your HR team to focus on other important tasks.

Total Access

As well, payroll receipts are digital, so both your payroll team and your employees can access them.

24/7 availability

Besides, employees can consult their certificates at any time.

Cost saving

Also, human resources departments also save time and money. In addition, organizations save costs on office supplies because there is no need to print certificates.

Difference between a salary certificate, salary certificate letter, and Payslip?

So, you might think there is little difference between a salary reference, a salary reference and a payroll, but each has its own purpose. Salary verification letters are sent directly to the bank where the employee wishes to apply for a loan. Also, even if your loan application is rejected, you can still use the same certificate from the same bank.

However, your employees cannot use this letter with any other institution or bank. The salary certificate letter format and the salary certificate are very similar in the UAE. As well, such information must be on the letter.

  • Release date
  • Administrator details
  • The name of the bank reference letter.
  • Account number
  • Salary transfer certificate

So, if your employees use salary reference letters, you should check with your bank to see what format they require, as their standards sometimes change. Besides, this is a simple document that an employee should keep that shows gross and net earnings, taxes and other deductions. Also, this is essential information for the pay stub:

  • Release date.
  • Employee’s name
  • Employer’s name
  • Base salary
  • Share
  • Deduction (if applicable)
  • Wage advances (if applicable)
  • Net income

As you can see, the format of the three documents is very similar. However, there are some differences in usage, so you need to understand the jargon used when dealing with payroll documents. So, if an employee requests a paystub or pay stub, it is a good idea to check the purpose of the document to make sure you are providing the correct version.

Why Do Banks Ask For a Salary Certificate UAE?

salary certificate

To apply for a loan from a bank or credit card company, you will need proof of the loan amount. Salary records also indicate a person’s ability to pay. Also, in addition to salary, these institutions also require other documents.

  • Valid passport
  • The bank summaries for the last several months.
  • Valid visa

Besides, you will need these additional documents to obtain a loan or credit card in the UAE.

Tips for Smooth Salary Certificate Processing

Tips for streamlining the employee pay stub request process.

  • Request pay stubs in advance.
    • See the steps for requesting this document from HR.
    • Also, ask your supervisor for help when requesting documents.
    • Contact HR directly by e-mail and submit your request.
    • Guidance on efficient administration and issuance of salary certificates for employers.

Service providers help companies efficiently manage employee data to facilitate payroll issuance. So, prepare a company policy outlining the steps employees should follow to request documentation from HR.


As well, both employees and employers need to know the importance of the Dubai salary certificate, its components and future trends. As well, knowing what is on your UAE payroll is essential to managing your money, getting credit and getting all the benefits you deserve.

Also, payroll is a detailed document that affects many aspects of your work and finances. Think of it as an important financial planning tool. Knowing this will help you make smart decisions about your budget, savings and future career changes.

So, If you want to know more about Dubai salary certificate and other articles of interest we invite you to visit our website here. Or, if you want to contract our services you can contact us now.

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