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paternity leave in uae

Find All The Details About Paternity Leave in UAE 2024

For every father, it’s a momentous occasion for fathers to embark on their journey of parenthood, and at the same time understanding the details of paternity leave in UAE is crucial. This guide is purposely written to provide insights into the eligibility criteria, to eliminate the path for expectant fathers, and the essential details surrounding paternity leave in the UAE.

This article provides you with everything as we delve into the key aspects, of ensuring soon-to-be fathers are well-informed about their rights and entitlements. It includes a number of processes such as eligibility criteria, and the application process. This guide helps you as a valuable companion, that offers clarity and support to fathers at this joyous and significant phase of life. Now, we will shed light on the benefits and unravel the basic details of paternity leave in the UAE.

What is Paternity Leave

paternity leave in uae

The male employees are eligible and entitled to avail of paternity leave by the employers/companies to enjoy their parenthood. This allows new fathers to take time off work and to start to build bonds with their newborns. Despite this, it also allows them to provide support to the family.

If you wonder who qualifies for paternity leave in the UAE then hold on, we will delve into more details that help get informed by each and every detail.

The male married employees get this extension who are working in the private sector. Generally, eligible fathers who are entering parenthood can enjoy a set number of paid days off. It not only helps them to take care of their family but they actively participate in the initial stages of parenting.

Moreover, paternity leave and parental leave are not the same. Paternity leave is specifically designed for fathers.

In regard to this, the male parent must meet the eligibility criteria to ensure that he can avail of this invaluable opportunity to be present and involved during this special time.

For this, knowing each and every detail of paternity leave details is essential for expectant fathers. This guide acts as a fundamental aspect of this crucial benefit, including eligibility criteria for availing leave, and a detailed understanding of how paternity leave works in the UAE.

How to apply for Paternity Leave in the UAE: Step-by-Step Guide

We are sharing a step-by-step guide through which you can easily understand how you can apply for the leave

Eligibility Criteria: Ensure that you must meet the eligibility criteria before applying for paternity leave. This is because the private sector grants employees paternity leave but on specific terms that may vary from company to company.

Tell your Employer: After confirming your eligibility, now it’s time to inform your employer about availing the paternity leave. It’s wise to provide early notice that allows employers to plan accordingly in your absence.

Formal Request Submission: A formal request for paternity leave is required which includes details of the expected born date. It is important to submit this request to your employer timely.

Supporting Documents: Be sure to attach required supporting documents, which include adoption papers if you are adopting a child or medical reports. This document validation helps in your request and ensures compliance with company policies.

Leave Duration: You are allowed to get a certain number of days for paternity leave as per the UAE Labor Law but individual company policies may vary. You have to communicate with your employer about this matter

Coordinate with HR: To avoid any confusion or delay, you need to collaborate with your company’s HR department to facilitate the smooth paternity leave process. They will guide you through the necessary paperwork and ensure that all requirements are met.

Parenthood Time: It’s time to enjoy your time if you receive the approval. Take advantage of this valuable time to bond with your new child.

Eligible Criteria for paternity leave in UAE

Eligibility for paternity leave in UAE is contingent on several criteria, ensuring that fathers can avail themselves of this essential benefit during significant life events. Here is the criteria if you want to qualify for paternity leave:

Status of Employment: The very most important criterion is the individual must be employed in the private sector, as Public sector employees may have different policies to follow regarding paternity leaves. It is advisable to check with the respective government entity.

Service Duration: Companies will allow employees to get paternity leave based on the duration of service for employees to be eligible for paternity leave. This requirement allows employees can extend the period who have contributed for a reasonable period.

Marital Status: Companies are generally required to allow employees to avail of paternity leave only if they are married.

Verification of Relationship: To verify the relationship between the employee with the newborn, companies may request documentation. This involves the child’s birth certificate or adoption papers.

Notice Period: Companies are expected to be informed by employees in advance about their intention to take paternity leave. To inform early, it will facilitate companies to plan for the absence and arrange necessary coverage.

Paternity Leave benefits in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, paternity leave has many advantages, acknowledging the vital role fathers play in important family occasions. This employee perk recognizes the value of family life and promotes a positive work environment. In addition to fostering stronger family ties and aiding in the early development of their adopted or newborn children, fathers can take pleasure in spending quality time with them.

Work-Life Balance Improvement

First off, the father’s work-life balance is greatly enhanced in the United Arab Emirates with paternity leave. With the help of this crucial job benefit, fathers may actively engage in their children’s early years, strengthening their bond. Fathers can better balance their personal and professional obligations by taking time off, which lowers stress and improves well-being in general.

Essential to Strengthen Family Bonds

Furthermore, paternity leave in the United Arab Emirates is essential for strengthening family ties. It facilitates fathers’ active involvement in their child’s formative years. Fathers are able to be present at important life events, such as the initial days following childbirth, because of this devoted time off. With their newborns, fathers can establish vital bonds and make enduring memories.

Facilitate in retaining and Loyalty of Employees

Paternity leave has a major impact on employee loyalty and retention in the United Arab Emirates. Acknowledging and offering this family-friendly benefit shows an employer’s dedication to promoting its employees’ overall well-being. When companies put their workers’ needs first during significant life events, like the birth of a new family member, it fosters loyalty and gratitude.

Support for Health and Well-being

In the United Arab Emirates, paternity leave is essential for fostering health and well-being in addition to supporting workers’ efforts to maintain a work-life balance. Fathers can actively participate in the early stages of parenting by taking time off during the arrival of a new family member and offering crucial emotional and practical support.

New 2024 Law on Paternity Leave in UAE

The UAE has introduced a law that significantly enhances paternity leave for employees that started in 2023. According to this, fathers are entitled to a substantial period of paternity leave, reflecting a positive shift that aligns with global trends that recognize the importance of both father and mother involvement during the early stages of a child’s life.

The fathers are allowed to take five days off as per the extension of paternity leave allows fathers, enabling them to actively participate in the support of their newborns.

As per the new law, employees can avail of paternity leave even during their probationary period which proved to be a significant departure from previous norms


Acknowledging the importance of paternity leave signifies a dedication to the overall growth of workers and their families. The United Arab Emirates encourages a more balanced and healthy society by doing this. These developments in paternity leave highlight the UAE’s commitment to bringing its workplace into compliance with international norms and fostering an atmosphere that puts the well-being of its employees first as we navigate the future.

If you want to explore more about paternity leave in UAE and stay informed about workplace policies, check our insights. On the other hand, if you have specific inquiries or need personalized guidance, feel free to reach out to us through our contact section. Your journey towards a well-balanced work-life begins now, and we are here to assist you every step of the way.

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