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MOHRE labour card

How to Check Your UAE Labour Card Online in UAE?

The MOHRE labour card of the United Arab Emirates is a document that certifies the employment relationship between an employer and a worker in the country. You have to know that it is mandatory for all foreign workers who want to work legally in the UAE. The labour card UAE can be obtained through the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE). The MoHRE is the body whose function is to regulate the labour market in the UAE.

In this article, we will explain how to consult your MOHRE labour card online. In principle, you will see what the benefits are of having a labour card in UAE. Additionally, we will give you all the steps you have to follow to access the MOHRE web portal and verify the status of your work card. We will also explain in detail each of the documents that you have to submit. Finally, we will give you some tips to resolve possible problems or doubts you may have in this regard.

Benefits of MOHRE Labour Card in UAE

MOHRE labour card

The MOHRE labour card is an essential part of working in the UAE. This card is essential to access benefits at work. Employees have to enter card information into payroll systems. Which can also be used to manage health insurance applications.

With the correct information in the system, it will be easier to manage important aspects of the company. For instance, precise working hours, payments for maternity leave, and annual leave. It is impossible to establish an employee benefits system without having a labour card. It is vital to resolve any circumstance with the MOHRE labour card as soon as it arises.

The MOHRE labour card ensures that you comply with key labor standards in the UAE. Currently, the working hours in the UAE to grow your company are as follows:

  • Working day: This consists of 8 hours a day and a maximum of 48 hours a week.
  • Overtime is limited to two hours for almost all sectors, there are some exceptions.
  • Overtime and work hours have to be compensated correctly.

All employers must ensure safe and fair working conditions. For instance, employers have to provide corresponding safety equipment. Additionally, employees cannot suffer discrimination based on disability, sex, or religion.

Checking Your MOHRE Labour Card Status Online

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization MoHRE in the UAE remains in constant revolution of the process. Not only them but also the Ministry of Labor (MOL). Thus, employees can conveniently check the status of their MOHRE labor cards online. In this section, you will see a general step-by-step guide to navigate this process smoothly.

First step: You have to enter the website about the status of the MOHRE labour card. To start the process, you have to visit the official website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. The website provides an easy-to-use interface that guides you through the verification process.

Second step: Subsequently, you have to locate this section of the job card. On the website, you will navigate to the specific section for inquiries about the status of the MOHRE labour card. You can find this section strategically to facilitate access. This can ensure that users can quickly move forward with their verification process.

Third step: This is the time to enter your work permit details. In this step, you have to carefully enter the necessary information from your work permit. It is essential, that you are meticulous and precious when entering these details. For instance, work permit number, work card, and any other specific identifier from the online form. To have a successful verification process, the precision of this stage is essential.

Fourth step: In this stage, you have to send your information. By submitting all the necessary details, you can proceed to send the information. The system will start a search in real-time with the applicant’s data. During this time, the MOHRE labor card status database cross-references your data and provides an update on the card status.

Following these steps, employees in the UAE can check the status of their labor card online.

Documents Required for Labour Card Status Verification

MOHRE labour card

If you want to verify the status of the MOHRE labour card, you must have the necessary documents at your disposal. You have to know that this is not just a matter of convenience; It is a fundamental step to have a smooth verification process. Below, you will see a complete list of the documents you have to prepare to facilitate this verification.

Each document plays a crucial role in confirming your legality as an employee. Plus, having them available significantly speeds up the process.

Labour Card Number

Your MOHRE labor card number serves as the primary identifier during the verification process. It is linked to your official employment record, so the accuracy of your employment status is guaranteed. It is essential to keep this number accessible as it is the cornerstone of your verification procedure. Also, you have to know that frequent checks from your MOHRE labour card verification service can be useful.

Work Permit Number

Another essential piece of information is the work permit number. It corresponds directly to your employment contract and describes the details of your employment agreement in the UAE. It is essential to ensure that this number is correct during the verification process. That is, it is imperative to enter it correctly for a successful result.

Passport Details

Your passport will be your main identification document in the UAE. The most important details in your passport are your nationality, your name, and your passport number. You have to know that these details must match the information provided during the verification process. Any discrepancy or difference will generate complications, so it is essential to verify this information.

Emirates ID

If you have an Emirates ID, you need to make sure you have its details on hand. This card is proof of your employment status and your residence in the UAE. Including your Emirates ID information during the verification process improves the reliability and accuracy of your employment confirmation. This is the key document for verifying the status of the MOHRE labour card.

Official Employment Contract

Your employment contract is a document that is intended to describe the terms and conditions of your employment in the UAE. You may need references to specific details of your contract during the verification process. For instance, salary, job position, and duration of employment. This is why it is a good recommendation to keep a digital copy of your employment contract online. This will serve as a quick reference for your employment during the process.

Offer Letter

An offer letter is issued by your employer and provides crucial information regarding your initial employment agreement. Therefore, if you want to know your MoHRE labour card status make sure you have a copy of this letter. This is because the letter may contain pertinent details for verification.

Among these details, you can find the start date of employment and any additional benefits you have been offered. In this way, you need to obtain the status of your MoHRE labour card.

Visa Copy

You can find many types of visas in the UAE. For this reason, it is important that you have a copy of your visa. In this way, it proves your legal residency status in the UAE. Additionally, this is a document that is often required for other official processes apart from obtaining MoHRE labor card information.

Other official processes may include employment verification. Therefore, you should have a clear, readable copy of your visa available. This way, your employment can be confirmed quickly. Therefore, this document is important if you want to obtain MoHRE labor card information.

Recent Salary Slips

If you want to provide tangible evidence of your employment and salary details, pay stubs are the way to go. For this reason, during the verification process of your MoHRE card, especially if it is done by your potential employer; They will likely ask for recent pay stubs to validate your current employment and income.

Thus, when asking how to check labor card in MoHRE, you will likely have to provide a receipt for these. Therefore, you are advised to keep some recent pay stubs to speed up verification.

Valid Health Insurance Card

In the UAE, health insurance is mandatory for all employees. For this reason, if you have a valid health insurance card, include your information on the documents. This way, the card signifies your access to healthcare benefits and shows what your comprehensive employment package is.

This card is of utmost importance to verify the MoHRE labour card number. Therefore, always have a valid health insurance card to facilitate all processes.

Educational Certificates

Your employer may require a copy of your educational certificates depending on your profession. In this way, you will be able to validate your qualifications and competence, thereby improving your credibility as an employee. For this reason, keep digital copies of all your educational certificates accessible for verification purposes.

Providing these certificates when necessary will be very helpful in verifying the status of your labor card. This way, you will not have to worry about how to get labour card number and its certificates.

Additional Documents for Specific Professions

For certain professions, the process of verifying the status of your MoHRE employment card requires specialized documentation. In this way, additional documents are important. With this, the verification process is aligned with the specific requirements of your profession. Below are some common additional documents.

Professional Certifications: For those working in specialized fields such as engineering, healthcare, or education, professional certifications are extremely important. This way, your experience and qualifications in the respective field can be validated.

Business licenses: To business owners, those who want to start a business in Dubai, and people who hold business licenses; It is very common for them to be required to provide copies of licenses in the verification process. This way, you can establish your legal status as a UAE business entity.

Membership Certificates: Professionals who are affiliated with specific associations or organizations that relate to their field often have membership certificates. In this way, you can indicate your active participation and recognition within your professional community.

Contracts and project agreements: Sometimes, people who are involved in project-based work such as consulting, construction, or freelancing; provide project agreements and contracts. Thanks to this, you can describe the scope of your work, project schedules, and financial agreements.

Letters of recommendation: Letters of recommendation from employers, mentors, or colleagues significantly reinforce your professional credibility. In this way, the letters highlight your skills, contributions, and your work ethic.

UAE Labour Card Eligibility

If you want to know how to get a labor card from MoHRE, it is important that you know who is eligible for it. Firstly, all employees working in the UAE must have a work card regardless of their job. Thus, public and private sector employees must have a work card and an appropriate work permit.

Additionally, local workers and foreign employees in the country need this work card. Therefore, these are the criteria established for eligible employees:

  • The employee cannot be more than 60 years old and not less than 18 years old.
  • You must have the necessary academic qualifications for the position you are applying for.
  • The person will have to undergo a medical examination before obtaining the card.
  • You must obtain a certificate from the country of origin.

On the other hand, employers must ensure the following:

  • That all your records are in order and do not have expired employment cards.
  • The employee’s salary must be commensurate with the work he or she will perform in the company.
  • The company adheres to all MoHRE procedures.

It is the responsibility of the employer to provide the employee with the UAE employment card. In addition, they must do so within 60 days after the person’s arrival in the country. You must even pay the MoHRE labor card fees. Failure to do this may result in fines.

Final Thoughts

If you live and work in the UAE you should know what MoHRE is and about the labor card. For this reason, if you want to know all the details of your UAE employment card, you can do so online by entering the MoHRE portal.

In addition, it has an application that you can download on your smartphone and that is available in the App Store or Google Play Store. This way, if you want to know your work card number or its status, you can do so by many means.

By providing the necessary information and knowing all the criteria, you will have a satisfactory verification process. Furthermore, if you want to know more about this employment card or the MoHRE establishment card, you can visit us to obtain all the information you need.

If you want to know more about this and other topics, go to our insights section!

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