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With Connect Group you can obtain your Dubai freelance visa in a matter of days. Our company can guide you while navigating your freelance visa process. Subsequently, we can take care of dealing with the local authorities while you compile the required documents and information for the procedure.

Our agents will make sure that all your paperwork is in place. Therefore, you can have your freelance visa services in the UAE as fast as possible. Also, we have a platform that will help you find assignments for big companies in Dubai. We assure you that your process will be seamless and you will be working quickly.

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We offer you a cost-expensive package to acquire your freelance visa in no time.


Connect Group provides you with the possibility of hiring our services and obtaining your visa from afar.


Moreover, we will be the bridge between you and the local authorities. Leave this process in our hands and you will be freelancing in the United Arab Emirates shortly.

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We provide Dubai freelance visas for individuals that are interested in working with the utmost companies in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, we offer platforms for these freelancers to connect with a wide pool of businesses to find the job opportunity of their dreams.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most sought out destinations for freelancers worldwide. So, all of them are looking for an opportunity to obtain a freelance visa in Dubai. Connect Group guides you through the legal process of obtaining this type of visa. Firstly, you need to get in contact with our agents. Then, they will let you know what is the paperwork you need to compile to apply for this visa.

Finally, after submitting your documents to the required authorities, you will be granted a freelance visa to legally work and reside in the region. Do not hesitate and take advantage of our flourishing job market. Be one part of the many foreigners that are helping our economy grow.

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Work as a freelancer in the UAE with our support

Becoming a freelancer can free you from having to work under a tight schedule for long hours during the day. In the same vein, freelancing in the United Arab Emirates can allow you to meet new places, cultures, and people. So, to help you work legally in the region, the government is offering freelance visas in Dubai.

A company like ours can help you securely obtain your visa. Once you receive your freelance visa, you can start working for various companies at the same time. After you apply, you can also get a work permit and a resident visa. In this way, you can legally work and live in the United Arab Emirates.

Connect Group has 20 years of experience, providing foreigners with the opportunity of working for companies in the Middle Eastern region. With a Dubai freelance visa, individuals can take part in popular freelance activities, such as computer, IT, writing, editing, education, media, training, project management, and design.

As a result, foreigners with a freelance visa will be contributing to the United Arab Emirates’ economy. And also, they will be supporting the local community, helping it with its development. You can partner with our company to have an easy entrance to the Dubai job market.

In summary, with a freelance visa in the UAE, professionals from all over the world can work for regional companies and subsidiaries. Providing them with skills and knowledge that will make them expand and grow.

Initially, you have to connect with our agents, we command you to get in contact with us and schedule a call or a virtual meeting. Secondly, start your visa process, sign the application forms and provide us with all the necessary paperwork.

Then, once the documents are in our hands, we will take care of submitting them to the required authorities. Lastly, after you receive your visas and permits, you can start freelancing legally in the United Arab Emirates.

Obtain a freelance visa in the UAE
and start your journey

Freelancing in Dubai gives you freedom. So, you do not need to have office space to work in the UAE. It is important to know that you can easily work from the comfort of your residence or a hotel. You are your boss, subsequently, you can choose where to work and for whom. But, you do not need to be tied to a Mainland or Free Zone office.

Connect Group can help you sponsor your family to the United Arab Emirates. To do this, you need to have your Dubai freelance visa in place and also meet the salary requirements. If you cover every single request, you will be able to bring your parents, spouse, and children into the region with no hassle.

Freelancing can be the first step on the ladder to success. If you ever get tired of being a freelancer, you can always opt for establishing a company in the region. To do this, Connect Group will support you until your business is fully in place. We can help you obtain the necessary permits and licenses to legally function in the United Arab Emirates.

Select the Right Package
We offer different alternatives for you, depending on your necessities. We can include a variety of services that will make the process of obtaining a freelance visa in the UAE seamless.
Quick and Easy
With our help, you can obtain your freelance visa in Dubai within a few days. It is your decision if you want to go through this overwhelming process by yourself or with a team of professionals by your side.
No NOC Required
You can work as a freelance in the United Arab Emirates without the need for a No Objection Certificate from a regional sponsor.
No Auditing
Individuals freelancing in the UAE do not have to be subject to an auditing process or submit any official accounts.
Corporate Bank Account
With a Dubai freelance visa, you can quickly start the process to open a corporate bank account in the United Arab Emirates.
Grow as You Go
Finally, once you are established as a freelancer, you can start your own business and scale from there. In a region like this, the opportunities are endless.