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We are an online marketplace where companies are able to find the brightest workers and job seekers to find the perfect job. Further, we are a platform created to connect companies and job services; this allows them to communicate quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

In the same vein, we are a new worksite becoming more and more popular in the Middle East and other parts of the world. Similarly, we attract hundreds of workers from everywhere providing them with several services such as the possibility to find jobs, apply online, and register to be notified by recruiters for job opportunities.

In the talent point, we provide various services to organizations such as; job postings, resume database access, and a response management tool. That is to say, all employers benefit from a wide pool of talent from different industries. For instance, IT hardware and software, banking, oil and gas, healthcare, petrochemicals, logistics, construction, telecommunication, education, and hospitality, among others.

On the other hand, we examine our partners’ demands regularly and seek to use technology in our favor to provide solutions. This way we improve the job search and recruiting. Similarly, Thetalentpoint is part of Connect Group.

Our goal is to make the application and recruiting process as easy as possible. Therefore, with fast apply buttons, individuals are able to apply rapidly through a chat interview. And when they upload a resume, all details are filled in automatically. In other words, jobs with an “apply” button take you to the hiring business’s page, where you submit your application.

In conclusion, during the registration update process, the profile consists of the entered data and submitted resume. You can also use any device to register with us (mobile website or desktop website). On the other hand, hundreds and thousands of companies scan our portal every day searching for highly skilled individuals.