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Business Setup in Sharjah Free Zone

In Connect Group we encourage and incentive the most important benefits in the area; including simplicity and speed of service in the process; therefore, you can easily set up in any Sharjah Free Zone. In addition, being a center of attraction and business hub in the region; freezone business setup in Sharjah provides massive opportunities to startups and companies to set up here.

Versatility and simplicity have been one of Sharjah’s main objectives in the UAE. That is to say, from basic office space to massive manufacturing facilities and everything in between; our options are designed to assist every type of company. 

The different Sharjah free zone perfectly suits logistics, manufacturing, and trading businesses considering a business setup while being cost-effective.

Just like in any country, you need approvals and documentation from various government ministries and departments in the UAE. Therefore, in Connect Group we are proud of our track of successful company formation assistance in the country. 

Sharjah’s customer base is one of the biggest in the world for a single hub. That is to say, Freezone business setup in Sharjah  is a good choice because it has access to more than to billion people within a 4-hour flight. On the other hand, it is one of the most dynamic Emirates in the country.

How can Connect Group assist you to set up an e-commerce business in Sharjah Free Zone?

The future of e-commerce looks flourishing in the UAE. Similarly, the UAE is home to one of the most crucial B2C e-commerce markets worldwide. In the same vein, the UAE e-commerce market is likely to keep up growing in 2022 with a 95% web penetration rate and a massive 29.5 million web user base. That is why obtaining an e-commerce license in Sharjah Freezone is a good choice.

In addition to this, the UAE government recently launched an e-commerce plan aiming to strengthen Sharjah standing as a world logistics platform; this way the accelerates online commerce growth. Further, one of the first aims of the strategy is to increase the e-commerce contribution to AED 12 billion within the native economy by 2023.

On the other hand, they also focus on reducing the full price of e-commerce operations by 20%; in addition to the prices of storage, customs duties, imports, and VAT on transportation. 

With these positive growth forecasts on the e-commerce economy, this is the perfect time to work with us and obtain the e-commerce license in Sharjah Freezone.

Best option for you to obtain the trade license in Sharjah Free Zone

The Sharjah government is making various steps to incentivize investment and promote diversification given the emirate’s status as a business hub. In other words, both international and local businesses are benefitting from these measures. But, to maintain an outstanding standard across all sectors; companies must obtain the Sharjah Free Zone trade license.

On the other hand, these trade licenses allow the government to keep track of companies operating in the free zones while protecting consumers’ rights. Moreover, the Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) is the government body in charge of license renewal, issuance, among other activities.

As a business owner, you must have in mind the Sharjah free zone trade license is the first step towards starting a legal business in the city. Certainly, you cannot run an organization without these licenses. In the same vein, you must renew the licenses to continue the operations. 

The trade license fee depends on the business ownership model, rental contract value, the type of license, and other factors. 

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    If your business chooses the do-it-yourself approach; the first thing you must undertake is to set up a local entity via registration and incorporation. However, this will be an expensive and consuming process, requiring accounting and skilled legal support to ensure the most important thing in this area; compliance.

    Similarly, of course, there are some businesses that can bear the cost and time of setting up a branch office; but there are some instances where taking advantage of a local EOR service provider like us is a better option. In addition, we have an already existing legal entity that will handle immigration and labor requirements in the UAE.
    Further, we have massive expertise being the intermediary between the organization and its workers; ensuring full compliance with all regulations and laws.

    In the UAE, immigration policies and regulations are constantly changing. Moreover, there is more scrutiny by the government regarding visas, types of organization activities, and work permits. Thus, this makes compliance the most important challenge for relocating businesses since immigration violations have several consequences for a business and the involved.

    However, instead of risking non-compliance issues with the immigration authorities; many businesses decide to work with us through our EOR and PEO services. Likewise, with this practice, your staff working in the UAE will have no problems with the overuse of business visas, multiple entries, and remote payroll.
    That is to say, we will handle all visa and work permit necessities and avoid complications from the immigration authorities.

    Most countries will mandate businesses with workers on assignment to manage a payroll complying with the local standards and a registered entity. Similarly, this practice of “remote payroll” is not always allowed, especially for long-term assignments.

    Likewise, a key aspect of doing businesses in the UAE is the withholding and calculation of the different pay deductions, such as health insurance, taxes, and pensions. We take care of these crucial areas; ensuring full accurate compliance for all your business workers.
    EOR and PEO services are your best employment solution; we provide the needed legal entity to run payroll with experience in tax regulations. Therefore, ensuring an issue-free process with the local authorities.

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