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UAE Exit Permits – Step by Step Process To Obtain UAE Out Pass 2024

Embarking on the journey of departing the UAE involves a strategic and essential component: the UAE Exit Permit, commonly referred to as the Out Pass UAE. In this comprehensive guide for 2024, we delve into the intricacies of the step-by-step process to obtain the Out Pass, providing clarity and guidance for a seamless departure. The Out Pass serves as a crucial document, facilitating a smooth transition for individuals leaving the country. Understanding the nuances of the application process is paramount, ensuring compliance with regulations and streamlining the exit procedure.

In this article, we navigate through the necessary steps, offering valuable insights to those preparing to obtain their Out Pass. As individuals learn about the departure process, a thorough understanding of the Out Pass UAE intricacies becomes instrumental. We align with the broader considerations involved in leaving the United Arab Emirates.

Why Do You Need Out Pass in UAE?

out pass uae

Individuals may wonder, what is out pass in UAE? The Out Pass UAE is an indispensable document, playing a pivotal role in facilitating a lawful and orderly departure. Officially known as the UAE Exit Permit, this government-issued authorization is a requisite for both expatriates and residents. Moreover, it serves as a fundamental element in adherence to immigration regulations.

Designed for various scenarios such as job changes, visa cancellations, or any circumstance necessitating departure, the Out Pass Dubai certifies the individual’s sanctioned exit from the UAE. Without this document, individuals may encounter legal ramifications, including fines or delays in the departure process.

Functioning as an official endorsement, the Out Pass UAE holds significant importance in the regulatory framework governing UAE’s international travel. It not only signals compliance with immigration guidelines but also acts as a safeguard against potential legal complications. In essence, the Out Pass is a tangible proof of an individual’s authorized departure. It contributes to the efficiency and transparency of the exit process.

Recognizing the indispensable nature of the Out Pass UAE is essential for those navigating transitions or contemplating leaving the country. This understanding ensures a hassle-free and legally sound exit, aligning with the stringent immigration procedures in place in the UAE.

How To Check For Out Pass Status in UAE?

Checking the status of your Out Pass UAE is a straightforward process, ensuring transparency and timely updates throughout the exit procedure. Follow these steps to easily learn how to check out pass status UAE:

  • Visit the Official Portal: Access the official government portal or immigration website designated for Out Pass UAE services. This platform serves as the central hub for tracking the status of your application.
  • Login to Your Account: If you have a registered account, log in using your credentials. Ensure that your account details are accurate and up-to-date for seamless access to the status tracking feature.
  • Navigate to the Out Pass Section: Once logged in, navigate to the specific section dedicated to Out Pass UAE services. This section typically provides a comprehensive overview of your application status and related details.
  • Enter Application Reference Number: Input your unique application reference number. This identifier is provided during the application submission and is crucial for tracking your Out Pass status.
  • Review Status Updates: The portal will display real-time updates on the status of your Out Pass UAE application. Look for information such as “Under Process,” “Approved,” or any additional remarks relevant to your case.
  • Contact Customer Support (If Necessary): In case of any uncertainties or if the online portal does not provide sufficient information, consider reaching out to the customer support helpline. They can offer additional assistance and clarification on your Out Pass UAE status.

By following these steps and utilizing the online portal’s features, you can easily stay informed about the progress of your Out Pass UAE application, ensuring a smooth and well-monitored exit process from the UAE.

How To Apply For UAE Out Pass

Applying for an Out Pass UAE is a systematic process that involves several steps. Follow this comprehensive guide to navigate the OutPass UAE procedure. By adhering to these steps, you can smoothly navigate the Out Pass application process, ensuring a well-documented and regulated exit from the UAE.

Apply Using GDRFA Website

Applying for an Out Pass UAE through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) website offers a convenient and efficient process for a streamlined exit. Follow these step-by-step guidelines to apply using the GDRFA website:

  • Access the GDRFA Website: Firstly, begin by visiting the official GDRFA website. This is the central online platform for various residency and foreign affairs services.
  • Create or Log in to Your Account: In addition, log in using existing credentials or create a new account with accurate information for a personalized experience.
  • Navigate to Out Pass Services Section: Once logged in, find the dedicated section for Out Pass services. It provides comprehensive information about the application process.
  • Complete the Online Application Form: Moreover, fill out the Out Pass UAE application form online. You need to ensure all required fields are accurately filled to prevent delays in processing.
  • Upload Required Documents: Attach essential supporting documents, including a valid passport, visa details, and any additional documents specified by GDRFA.
  • Process the Payment: Furthermore, utilize the secure online payment options available on the website to pay the applicable Out Pass UAE fees.
  • Submit the Application: Additionally, review the entire application for accuracy before submitting it through the GDRFA website.

By Using ICP Government Website

Initiating an OutPass UAE procedure through the ICA (Identity and Citizenship) ICP (Integrated Client Portal) Government website is a user-friendly process, providing a seamless experience for applicants. To embark on this journey, begin by accessing the ICP Government website, a dedicated portal offering a range of government services, including Out Pass applications.

Upon reaching the site, either log in with existing credentials or create a new account, ensuring accuracy for a personalized experience. Navigate through the portal to find the specific Out Pass UAE services section, where comprehensive details on the application process are available.

Once in the designated section, complete the Out Pass UAE application form online, paying meticulous attention to detail to facilitate a smooth submission. Attach the requisite supporting documents, including a valid passport, visa details, and any additional documentation specified by the ICA.

Moreover, for the financial aspect, proceed with the online payment for the applicable Out Pass UAE fees, utilizing the secure payment options embedded in the ICP portal. Following this step, submit the meticulously completed application, along with all necessary documents, directly through the ICP Government website.

By Visiting Any Amer Center

For those opting to obtain an Out Pass UAE by physically visiting an Amer Center, the process is straightforward. To initiate your application, start by locating the nearest Amer Center. This center serves as a designated facility for various government services, including Out Pass issuance.

Upon arriving at the Amer Center, approach the designated service counter. In there, knowledgeable staff members will guide you through the application procedure. Begin by providing accurate personal information and details required for the Out Pass UAE application.

Following the initial documentation, you will be directed to complete the necessary application form on-site. This interactive process allows for immediate clarification of any queries and ensures that all sections of the application are filled.

Simultaneously, the Amer Center staff will assist you in verifying and compiling the required supporting documents. This includes a valid passport, visa details, and any additional documentation specified by the relevant authorities.

Once the application form is completed and all supporting documents are in order, proceed with the payment of the applicable Out Pass UAE fees at the Amer Center. This in-person transaction provides a tangible record of your financial commitment to the application process.

Out Pass UAE Required Documents in Different Conditions

out pass uae

When applying for an Out Pass in the UAE in 2024, the required documents may vary based on different conditions. In general, applicants need to submit essential documents such as a valid passport, visa details, and additional documentation.

However, specific conditions, such as the purpose of the Out Pass UAE or the applicant’s status, may necessitate additional documents. It is advisable to consult the latest guidelines and out pass UAE details 2024 to ensure a smooth application process and a well-documented exit from the UAE.

For Entry Permit and Residence Visa Holders

For Entry Permit and Residence Visa holders in the UAE, obtaining an Out Pass Dubai is essential when needed. In cases of emergency or specific situations requiring travel, individuals with valid Entry Permits or Residence Visas must apply for an Out Pass UAE.

This document facilitates a temporary exit from the UAE and ensures compliance with regulatory procedures. To initiate the process, applicants should adhere to the designated application steps, providing necessary documentation and details. The Out Pass Dubai serves as a regulated means for temporary travel. It allows individuals to address urgent matters while maintaining the integrity of their visa status in the UAE.

In Case If Passport is Lost

To obtain an Out Pass UAE due to a lost passport, applicants typically need to provide essential documents. This includes things such as a police report confirming the passport loss, a copy of the lost passport (if available), and any additional documentation specified by authorities.

These documents, submitted in compliance with the outlined procedures, facilitate the issuance of an Out Pass Dubai. It helps ensuring a regulated exit from the UAE in the event of a lost passport.

Documents For Newborn Babies Out Pass

For obtaining an Out Pass UAE for newborn babies, parents must provide specific documents. These typically include the baby’s birth certificate, the parents’ passports, and the parent’s residence visa. Additionally, any relevant supporting documents or requirements outlined by authorities should be furnished.

Complying with these procedures ensures a smooth application process for the Out Pass UAE. It helps allowing newborns to travel while adhering to regulatory guidelines in the UAE.

For Violators and Registration of Eye-Print

To secure an Out Pass UAE for violators and the registration of eye-prints, individuals typically need specific documents. For violators, identification documents like passports or Emirates IDs, along with details of the violation, are necessary.

Meanwhile, eye-print registration mandates biometric information through an eye scan. The exact documents and procedures may vary based on the violation and registration process. Adhering to outlined guidelines ensures a streamlined application for the Out Pass, addressing regulatory requirements for those facing violations or undergoing eye-print registration.

What is the Cost of UAE Out Pass

The cost of an Out Pass UAE is AED 221 upon purchase. When paying through a commercial bank in Dubai, a collection commission of AED 20 per transaction is applicable.

Additionally, if the application is submitted through AMER centers, an additional fee of AED 100 is incurred. These fees contribute to the processing and issuance of the Out Pass, ensuring a regulated and documented exit from UAE.

Processing Time and Validity for Out Pass in UAE

Upon issuance of the Out Pass UAE, individuals must promptly depart the country, ensuring compliance with regulations. The processing time is swift, and holders are expected to leave within 10 days of obtaining the permit.

This timeframe is crucial for a timely and regulated exit, aligning with the temporary nature of the Out Pass UAE and maintaining the integrity of immigration procedures in the UAE.


In conclusion, the Out Pass UAE serves as a vital solution for individuals facing unforeseen circumstances, ensuring a regulated exit from the country. With a streamlined application process and clear documentation requirements, obtaining the Out Pass Dubai is efficient.

The associated costs, processing times, and validity period align with the temporary nature of this permit, contributing to a well-documented and controlled departure. Whether addressing lost passports, violations, or other situations, the Out Pass UAE provides a practical and compliant avenue for individuals navigating temporary travel needs in the UAE.

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