HQ: Floor 8 & 9, City Tower 2, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

HQ: Floor 8 & 9, City Tower 2, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

A comprehensive overview of companies, policies and perks

The UAE’s new labor law, which just recently went into force, has changed a number of things. For instance, you should be aware of recent updates and information on employee benefits in UAE. Obtaining information is essential if you are working in the UAE, regardless of whether you are a boss or an employee.

In this article, we will be talking in depth about the employee benefits in UAE. Here, you will see the companies in the area that provide the best benefits for their employees. Also, you will be able to understand more about these policies and perks that businesses must provide to their staff. Let us start!

Companies with the best employee benefits in UAE

employee benefits in uae

Employee perks are an important part of employment in the area. All firms must take into account a number of factors when referring to employee benefits Dubai. Additionally, they must be informed of and abide by any revisions to the new UAE Labour Law. If companies do not give employees their due perks and remuneration, firms risk fines, penalties, and other legal issues.

Some of the best employee benefits examples are:

  • Work-from-anywhere policy.
  • Annual leave.
  • Sick leave.
  • Maternity leave.
  • Paternity leave.
  • Wellness allowances.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Access to learning platforms.
  • Upskilling courses.
  • Gratuity.

According to research, to obtain the best benefits, employees must work for the best companies that provide them. These include large corporations like:

  • McDonald’s by EFC.
  • Leminar Group.
  • Al Dabbagh Group.
  • Centrepoint.
  • Chalhoub Group.

Medium and small businesses like:

  • The One.
  • Century Financial.
  • Pizza Express.
  • Shift Electronics.
  • Accuracy.

Lastly, government workplaces like:

  • Electricity and Water Authority.
  • Telecommunications and Digital Regulatory Authority.
  • Early Childhood Authority.

Understanding UAE employee benefits policies

employee benefits in uae

Employee benefits are additional perks offered and provided by employers in addition to compensation. They can be significant and appealing components of a job opening’s total employee value package.

Many HR professionals spend a lot of time on benefit packages. With good reason, too, as they are one of the simplest methods for retaining employees and boosting talent appeal. As a result, most companies hire PEO providers to supply benefits to their employees.

Employee perks also enable you to take care of employees who excel without continually forking over money for exorbitant wage increases. All workers should be paid enough to cover their living expenses. However, if they also have access to good health care, flexible work schedules, and other perks, they may be willing to accept lower compensation.

There are some uae government employee benefits that must prevail, let us see:

Health insurance and medical benefits in UAE

The UAE is a big attraction for expats wishing to relocate since it boasts some of the best medical facilities in the world. Health insurance is essential for expats residing in the region. Also, it plays a significant part in ensuring the UAE’s high standard of healthcare. This is something you will therefore encounter very quickly.

Although there are both public and private healthcare systems in the UAE, expats will use the private one. It is imperative that you have insurance in Dubai. Actually, it is now required by law. Employees of foreign employers must have medical coverage. Additionally, sponsors have to give their dependents private health insurance.

All citizens must have health insurance coverage that satisfies or exceeds the minimum requirements set forth by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in accordance with the Medical Insurance Law of Dubai No. 11 (2013). Health insurance is the employer’s (not the employee’s) responsibility. Additionally, firms are not allowed to deduct money from a worker’s salary to cover health insurance costs.

What are the retirement and pension plans in UAE?

There are many pension funds in the UAE, each with a different goal. For people working in the public and private sectors in all seven emirates, the General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) is in responsibility of providing pension-related services.

However, it excludes residents who work in the government sector in Sharjah and the private sector in Abu Dhabi. On behalf of UAE citizens who reside in Abu Dhabi and have employment there, the Abu Dhabi Retirement Pension and Benefit Fund oversees pensions.

For those who qualify for a pension plan, contribution is required. Within a month of the worker joining the company, the manager must register and make a contribution on the employee’s behalf.

For the business to make a pension contribution, the worker must:

  • Should be citizen.
  • Must not be under the age of 18 old or older than 60 years.
  • Must be in good health at the time of appointment, according to a GPSSA-approved medical report supplied by a medical authority.

In accordance with Federal Law No. 7 for Pension and Social Security and its revisions, a monthly contribution to GPSSA in the amount of 20% of the employee’s wage is necessary. Employees have to contribute 5% of their salaries, while employers must match 15% of employee salaries.

Education and training benefits in UAE

Training and development for staff members is a program that aids a worker in learning a skill that enhances their ability to perform their job duties and increases productivity within the company. It advances their professional aspirations and improves their ability to function at work. In addition, the following advantages accrue to a firm with a successful employee training program:

  • Employee retention.
  • Return on investment.
  • Future leaders’ development.
  • Stay competitive.
  • Better performance.

By empowering people with new skills and retaining them in their roles, businesses with efficient development and training processes can boost profitability. Plus, ensure that the initial expenditure is recovered through increased productivity or revenue. Additionally, it aids the firm in avoiding the expenses related to talent loss.

There are many various kinds of employee training, each one appropriate for a certain circumstance. The use of the appropriate staff training at the appropriate time can lead to more effective learning for your team. As well as enhanced overall business outcomes.

It is possible to guarantee that your employees receive the knowledge they require in the format that is most appropriate. This, by matching the sorts of employee training to their demands. Employers frequently incorporate the following into their staff training programs:

  • eLearning: Many businesses use eLearning to train groups of staff. Hence, employees can learn the basics more quickly by using eLearning software in training.
  • Instructor-led training: This type of employee education usually happens in a classroom by a teacher.. While ILT can be delivered online, the primary benefit is that learners have instant access to the teacher for comments and discussion.

What are the professional development opportunities for UAE employees?

Since fresh digital technologies have been adopted by all sectors of the economy, it is no secret that specialists should pursue continuing education and professional development. Without it, professional expertise will quickly become obsolete and you will lose favor with employers. This is particularly true in industries like IT and those that actively use digital technologies.

The more development opportunities you offer as an employee, the stronger your team will be. Subsequently, providing professional development opportunities to your staff is a great idea if you are looking to increase productivity. It is not a mandatory benefit, however, it can be a great catch for employee retention.

Planning this type of benefit can be difficult for employees alone. Therefore, most of them go to Employer of Record suppliers to manage these perks. Consequently, they can obtain the full scope of outsourcing without having to use their own time.

There are many development opportunities in the area, all you have to do is find the ideal ones that will benefit your business the most. If you need support to do so, Connect Group is here for you. With our HR management services, you can obtain all you want and more! Thus, let us know about your requirements via email at contact@connectgroup.co. Also, you can talk to our team at +971 43 316 688.

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