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Connect Group visited the Manzil Center in the UAE

On April 21st, 2022 our team of Connect Group paid a visit to the Manzil Center to spend the day with the students and do volunteering work. Accordingly, Connect Group’s team members did their best to make the most out of this enriching experience with them.

Our team had an incredible time interacting with the team and students of this amazing place. We had the honor of spending the day doing recreational activities such as crafting hand-made bracelets and decorating grocery bags. At the end of the day, our team members gave students a diploma that stated that they were a part of our volunteering work at the Manzil Center.

By doing these activities, they were encouraged to follow instructions and practice their executive planning functions. As well as develop their creativity and build self-confidence. Our team members are glad of had experienced this day with the people at the Manzil Center. And also, we are sure that they spent a great time with us too.

Manzil Center’s amazing labor

This center began as a support group for special families in December 1999. However, five years later, it became what it is today, a place for individuals with special needs. Consequently, with more than 200 members, it is one of the most prestigious non-profits in the Middle Eastern region. Likewise, their staff members focus their teaching on the social inclusion of individuals with disabilities.

The Manzil Center is the learning space for more than 40 students with cognitive disabilities. Also, they have more than 20 staff members that work alongside the students, guiding them in their educational process. Their workers are the most experienced educators in the United Arab Emirates and have been working with kids from 4 years onwards for years.

On the other hand, the Center is expanding into other Middle Eastern regions. Subsequently, providing their services of inclusion research and consultancy to anyone that needs them. Their core objective is to constantly promote inclusion and tolerance in the United Arab Emirates. As a result, they continuously stimulate their student’s potential and cultivate their self-help capability.

Due to their special care and drive, the learners at the Manzil Center can cultivate and improve their academic, vocational, and social skills in a day-to-day environment. Furthermore, they give the local community the opportunity of being exposed to the different challenges and abilities these students have to live with daily. The Manzil Center is teaching society how to include people with disabilities in their environment.

Connect Group’s efforts with the local community

Connect Group’s team members are thankful to have lived this precious experience, as they learned a lot from it. Subsequently, we are now more conscious of what we have to do to make our community a more inclusive place for everyone. We cannot wait to continue with our volunteering work in the United Arab Emirates. Helping the Manzil Center as much as we can.

Our company wants to join Manzil’s staff mission of giving power to those who need it the most. Therefore, providing the necessary tools and resources to make our society more inclusive. Ultimately, raising social awareness about the need of including and understanding individuals with disabilities.

Connect Group, as one of the most important companies in our lane, will be taking care of empowering inclusion in the work field. Consequently, giving the necessary support to people with disabilities and encouraging them to find jobs that make them feel happy and satisfied.

At Connect Group, we will be in charge of searching for more ways to effortlessly include individuals with disabilities in a positive working environment. We work alongside companies in the United Arab Emirates that have a healthy company culture and respectable values. As a result, they can make people with disabilities feel greeted and respected in any job position.

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