HQ: Floor 8 & 9, City Tower 2, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

HQ: Floor 8 & 9, City Tower 2, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

Set up your company in the UAE with Connect Services Middle East

Setting up a business in the UAE is the goal of many of people, including locals and foreigners alike. This can be an easy goal to achieve if the investors feel as though they can fully count on the business setup consultancy agency in Dubai, UAE they have chosen to support them thorough this process.

If you choose to have Connect Services Middle East which is a company formation services in Dubai assisting you through this process, you will achieve your goals easily due to the expert knowledge our team has. This Business Setup consultancy will support you continuously while explaining each step so you have all full understanding of how the next stage of the process will be reached.

With Connect Services Middle East you can obtain benefits like:

Are you looking for company setup consultants in the industry?


There’s a wide range of company formation & business setup services that you can choose from, including PRO services, business consultancy, among others.


We can help you open a corporate bank account when starting a company in Dubai


You’ll have the opportunity to let your business grow exponentially with our team of company setup consultants.

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    Since 1998

    Know more about Business Consultancy

    Connect Group was founded in 1998 and it is located in Dubai, UAE. With more than 20 years of experience, our group is capable of providing the most efficient business services for individuals and companies that work in the UAE.

    Here at Connect Group, we provide the best Business Consultancy service in the region. Our team of professionals will examine your company and deliver efficient solutions to any problems. Moreover, we offer an extensive variety of services such as staff outsourcing, taxes consultancy, business centers, and company incorporation.
    Conducting a company can be difficult if you do not have a good team of consultants. Nevertheless, with the right kind of professionals, you will receive great advice at any given time. When contracting our services, your company will never have to handle any inconvenience.

    These recent years, the UAE has turned its economy into a force to be reckoned with. Subsequently, offering businesses a strategic location, tax-friendly incentives, and a business-friendly government. Therefore, investors are gaining interest in establishing their companies in the region. Naturally, this mission cannot be accomplished without getting advice from professionals.

    Our distinctive services will help you achieve any objective you may have. Connect Group ensures that your company can optimize its possibilities through our well-executed process. We have been in the Business Consultancy industry for years, developing a structure that will allow your company to thrive in the United Arab Emirates.

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    Get the most out of our Business Consultancy Services in the UAE

    We have the best services for different industries such as:

    Employer of Record Real Estate Staff Outsorcing Freelance Business Center Company formationn search Healthcare Business Consultancy Tax Consultancy


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    Established in 2012

    Get the best hassle-free Business Consultancy Service with us

    A qualified Business Consultant works closely with clients on different aspects. Subsequently, focusing on improving, expanding, and maintaining a company. Creating new companies in the UAE is trending due to the ever-growing opportunities the area is offering. Thus, new investors are always needing the advice to establish their business.

    With 23 years of experience, Connect Group assists companies when they need it most. Our business consultants serve as advisors to help businesses accomplish their objectives or expand operations in a specific area. Consequently, offering hassle-free services to our customers such as HR, sales, marketing, and supply chain management.

    Managing a business in the UAE is easier when you have a good team to face challenges for you. The advantages of navigating your company’s queries with us are boundless. Connect Group counts with an efficient team of experts that will effortlessly resolve any difficulty.

    Our company delivers solutions that will keep control and ownership for foreign corporations. Newcomers to the UAE market usually struggle with various complications such as setting up their business, outlining a long-term managing plan, and finding the perfect structure for their needs. We will apply the best plan for your requirements. Therefore, maximizing profitability, lowering costs, reducing risks, and enabling you to preserve complete control of your company.

    Ultimately, acquiring our services and products will lead to a better understanding of your company. Allow us to save you time and money while dealing with any challenges you may have with your company. We offer you the most up-to-date technology and knowledge. Therefore, giving you the best-suited advice for your business.

    Connect Group provides the capabilities and high-level knowledge to lead your company towards success. Our expert team offers a dedicated support system that allows you to understand every phase of creating or managing a business in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, you can adapt to today’s market dynamics in no time.

    Additionally, we can suggest a complete package of services that includes but is not limited to EOR, PEO, Staff Outsourcing, and Taxes consultancy. Also, we have tools to ensure efficiency within your Business Consultancy process. Ultimately, we can adjust our service within an adequate range that fulfills your company’s needs.

    What does a Business Consultant do?

    Management consulting comprises a wide range of activities. Each one of them is dedicated to satisfying the company’s necessities. Subsequently, to support your business, the consultants must follow various phases. To fulfill each phase, both parties need to agree on transparency. Hence, there is no need for any other inquiries after the process is done.

    First, providing information. The most common reason why companies seek assistance is to obtain information. To compile it, the consulting agency must complete an analysis of the market. Therefore, they need to conduct surveys and studies. Correspondingly, the company will require the most accurate, up-to-date information that consultants can provide.

    Second, problem solution. Managers usually give consultants their challenges to decipher. For example, sometimes they can contract a consulting agency to change a marketing strategy to reach a wider audience. Usually, managers are not able to identify the real roots of their troubles. Hence, the consultants’ job is to analyze the company to find them.

    Third, recommending actions. After the analysis is conducted, the consultants usually conclude their job by offering a written report that recapitulates what they have learned. Therefore, presenting their critical advice in detail. Recommending what their clients should do. In short, the consultancy agency commends and the clients decide whether and how to implement.

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    We provide our expertise and extensive knowledge for your Business Consultancy in the UAE

    Broad Variety of Services

    We deliver a wide range of services to make your consultation as proficient as possible. We focus on enabling and supporting change within companies. While also leaving space for constant improvement. We effortlessly incorporate our business consulting, industry practices, and technology for companies to thrive.


    Connect Group finds the origins of your company’s troubles and eradicates them. We offer hassle-free solutions to keep your business going. Therefore, after our consultation process, your corporation will resume operations with a brand new feeling.

    Safety and Confidentiality

    We provide complete discretion before, during, and after our Business Consultancy service is over. With our technology, your archives and documents will be under high-level security. Therefore, any piece of information that may be considered sensitive will be concealed. Take advantage of every benefit we have to offer.

    What Contact Group can achieve for you

    Recognize Difficulties
    Our team of experts can identify the challenges that are preventing your company from growing. After recognizing the problems, our agents provide tailored advice so you can be able to solve them with our support.
    Implement Changes
    We will advise you on what changes need to be made. Therefore, together we will apply them, allowing your company to keep expanding.
    Provide Training
    Sometimes, new members of your company may need training. Subsequently, with our services, you can place this tedious activity into our capable hands. Allow our team of experts to train and reinforce your workforce.
    No Extra Costs
    Connect Group provides you with the best rates in the market. Therefore, you can benefit from all the perks we have to offer at no extra charge.
    New Ideas
    We offer you innovative and exciting ideas to refresh your company. You can implement new programs, hire staff, or merge with another company. The possibilities are endless once your business embraces change.
    Achieve your Expectations
    Finally, with our Business Consultancy service you can meet any goal you may have in mind. Our capable team will help you navigate through any circumstances until your company excels in any area.

    What can you receive from
    Business Consultancy service?

    With our support, you will start perceiving improvements within your company in no time. Our team offers a comprehensive view of your business. Thus, we can find the inaccuracies that are occurring within the company that the manager may not be aware of. Therefore, offering a suitable answer to any queries.

    Possessing market expertise in the field of company restructuring in the UAE, Connect Group holds a quick turnaround for inquiries and business managing consultation. We will tailor a suitable package of services and products for your corporation. Allow us to be the ones supporting you when you need it the most.

    Once the consultation process is over and the proposed changes are implemented, we will ensure that you will receive an affirmative response from your team. Therefore, these modifications will allow your business to keep expanding. With our help, your company will be on its way to becoming one of the main businesses in the UAE.

    If you are decided to work as a team with our agents, your corporation will be established in the market as soon as possible. Subsequently, becoming into an everlasting organization. In Connect Group your company will always be our main concern. Our team will always be reachable for you.

    Most times, effective consulting means convincing clients to take their hands into action and make improvements. Therefore, our company will establish enough agreement within your company to ensure that every action advised makes sense. Subsequently, obtaining enough support to make every helpful movement successful.

    Companies need to be ready to accept change for it to happen. Our team will do the most to provide enough information for these modifications to make sense. Consequently, every member involved in the organization will work with our support. Diagnosing problems and helping solve them.

    Our Additional Services

    We know incorporating a business can be a hard task. But with our help, you will be conducting your new company as soon as possible. The advantages of establishing a business in the UAE are limitless. Therefore, with the help of our expert team, you can meet your expectations. Allowing you to be the one in charge of your time and money.

    A Company Formation agent will guide you through any challenge you may encounter. We are qualified professionals prepared to help you navigate the market. Connect Group offers you stress-free solutions for any inconvenience. With our help, you can relax while we do the hard work.

    Whenever you need someone to perform a specific job or if your company has a staff shortage, outsourcing may be the right choice. We will search, select, and provide top-of-the-notch employees suited for your business. You can take advantage of our services to arrange the right package for your company.

    Thanks to our knowledge and technology, we have taken Staff Outsourcing to the next level. Offering a wide variety of local and international workers. Therefore, your company can keep growing locally or expanding into a new market. This service brings countless benefits to your corporation, allowing have time to focus on your essential responsibilities.

    Connect Group offers you our services to help you discover the best space to conduct your business. We have a wide variety of Business Centers to choose from. Therefore, finding the right place for you and your team will not be an issue.

    For example, you can rent a flexible desk, a virtual office, or a co-working space. You could also find spaces such as a private office, meeting rooms, and many other types of offices. Do not hesitate to keep in touch with us to help you in any process you may be in. We have a dedicated staff to solve any business problem you may have.