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Green Visa in the UAE

UAE Green Visa 2023: Benefits, Cost, and Requirements

Intending to promote economic growth and diversification, the government has established the Green Visa in the UAE for qualified professionals, investors, or independent workers to live and work for 5 years in the UAE. Therefore, the process is now more flexible and simpler, thanks to the facilities offered by the authorities.

In this article, you will know the most important details of the UAE Green Visa including its requirements and benefits. Likewise, we will analyze the eligibility criteria for the applicant and any relatives they wish to bring with them. Let us see:

1. What is the Green Visa in the UAE?

2. Green Visa UAE: Eligibility, benefits, and cost 

3. How does the UAE Green Visa benefit your relatives?

4. Green visa Dubai: Requirements

5. We can help you obtain a Green Visa in Dubai without complications

1. What is the Green Visa in the UAE?

The Green Visa in the UAE is a permit for foreigners to live, invest and work in this nation. It is part of a special program created by the national authorities to encourage development. With it, expats can set up their businesses and have local staff on their payroll.

The facilities offered by the government constitute the work for economic diversification. In addition, this is added to the social strategies that intend to make the country’s economy not solely depend on its main export product: oil. The UAE has recently made new efforts in terms of development in the tourism and construction sectors, among others.

In this sense, they created the Green Visa UAE, which encourages foreigners to choose to reside in the country. Additionally, there are other visas available, such as the Golden Visa, the Talent Pass and Freelance Visa, and more. These intent to attract qualified professionals to make important contributions for the growth of the Emirates.

In case of the Green Visa, it is a Residence Visa with which the foreigner can self-finance for 5 years. Therefore, they will not need a citizen or employer in the United Arab Emirates to sponsor them. 

2. Green Visa UAE: Eligibility, benefits, and cost

Let us detail the benefits you can get when you obtain your new Green Visa in the UAE. Also, we will give you a glance of the costs involved and eligibility criteria.

2.1 Benefits of the new UAE Green Visa

The Green Visa issued by the government of the United Arab Emirates is the ideal opportunity for trained professionals and entrepreneurs. Also, regardless of your country of origin, you can even get the chance to live and work in the country independently. These are some of the advantages of getting a Green Visa in Dubai.

2.1.1 You will not need a sponsor

One of the main benefits of this visa is that it does not require sponsorship from an employer. For this reason, it is much safer; your employer does not have the power to cancel it.

2.1.2 You can sponsor your family

A Green Residence Visa allows you to be the sponsor of your parents, children, or other relatives. You can sponsor the visa of your spouse, first-degree relatives, and dependents. In this way, each of them may be eligible to enjoy the same benefits and rights that you have in the country.

This is a way to encourage foreign entrepreneurs or independent workers who want to keep their families close.

2.1.3 Doing business with tax exemptions

With a Green Visa in UAE, you can freely do business in the United Arab Emirates or even make business investments. You can run your own company as well as hire local and foreign employees. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the business-related benefits that the Emirates offers.

Likewise, you will have the opportunity to establish your company or work in a Dubai free zone. Dubai is one of the largest commercial hubs in the Middle East, making it an ideal place to set up your business. In addition, this is the place for investments related to research and scientific studies.

These and the rest of the UAE free zones allow you to find new commercial opportunities. For this, and many other reasons, the Emirates is one of the best countries to do business and settle permanently. In addition to the above, with a Green Visa in Dubai, you will enjoy a tax-free economy like Emiratis do.

2.1.4 Travel and a better lifestyle

These visas allow the holder to easily travel both within and outside the Emirates. With this visa, you can travel to another country and re-enter the UAE without difficulty.

2.2 How much does a Green Visa in the UAE cost?

The green visa UAE cost include those that correspond to the government and the medical exam and ID. It also involves service fees. Right now, the prices are:

  • Government fees: AED 3,100.
  • Medical exam and Emirates ID: AED 1,800.
  • Service fees: AED 3,000.

2.3 Who can apply for a UAE Green Visa?

The UAE Green Visa has the purpose of making it easier to expand the status of residence for:

  • Investors
  • Businesspeople
  • Highly-qualified professionals
  • Outstanding students and graduates

People who fall into this group and meet the requirements for a Green Visa in the UAE are eligible.  Likewise, eligible people who aspire to work and live in the UAE have the opportunity to do it comfortably thanks to these new policies. Freelancers can also carry out their activities with this visa.

3. How does the UAE Green Visa benefit your relatives?

Thanks to this new UAE Green Visa scheme, you can grant more benefits to your relatives. Now, it is easier to bring family members including spouses, children, and parents. Also, previously, the maximum age for children was 18 years. Now, they moved it to 25 years. Also, for unmarried daughters, there is no age limit for you to sponsor them.

These are some things you can do with a Green Visa in Dubai:

  • Sponsoring a widow in your family.
  • You may sponsor children under extenuating health circumstances.
  • Sponsoring children with special needs. In this and the previous case, the residence permit does not have age restrictions.
  • You can also sponsor your parents if they require special attention.

This means that the sponsor can bring first-degree relatives. Additionally, the visa granted to these relatives has the same extension as that of the holder of the residence visa.

4. UAE Green visa – Requirements

There are 3 categories of expatriates who can apply for this visa. Therefore, the requirements for a Green Visa in the UAE could vary depending on which of these categories the applicant is included in. Qualified employees, freelancers, and investors must meet different requirements.

4.1 Qualified employees

Among the most requested professionals in the labor market of the Emirates are healthcare experts, IT professionals, and many others. There are many professions in high demand which are eligible to obtain a Green Visa. In this way, the government now facilitates these procedures, so professionals can more easily opt to live and work for 5 years in the UAE.

Also, during this time, skilled workers do not need to have an employer or sponsor. The employee needs to meet educational level requirements to obtain a new Green Visa in the UAE. This way, you will be able to travel to the United Arab Emirates and settle down without any inconvenience.

Therefore, if you are highly qualified, you will be able to register with the Ministry of Labor as a foreign worker. Likewise, specialists and technicians will need to obtain a certificate of employment in the UAE. An important fact that you should know is that employment contracts are valid for one year and renewable once completed.

On the other hand, it is ideal that the worker has a Bachelor’s degree, although it is not strictly necessary. Otherwise, you will be in the first, second, or third level in the National Qualifications Classification System. This classification measures the skills of the workforce through the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

Also, to ensure that you have a good standard of living, you must have a salary above AED 15,000.

4.2 Independent and self-employed workers

Freelancers and self-employed workers are also eligible for the Green Visa in the UAE. As for the workers of the first group, this visa is also valid for 5 years for its holders. To register as an independent worker, you must obtain a visa from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

The educational criterion for this visa is to have a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent but you can also have a specialized diploma. You must also present proof of having received income for the two years before the visa application. Similar to the previous case, you must have an income that exceeds the minimum wage to reinforce the request.

In the case of the report of wages earned during the previous two years, it must show an income of AED 360,000. However, in case you do not meet this requirement, there is another valid option. In this case, you must prove economic solvency during the time you remain in the UAE.

4.3 Investors or partners

The government is seeking to attract investors or partners to the national market. Therefore, the Green Visa UAE eligibility also includes this type of businessperson, for 5 years. This visa has a longer validity period than the previous one.

Of course, one of the main requirements is to present proof of the investment you are going to make. Likewise, it must be approved by government entities to apply for the visa. Note that the investment capital must be AED 1,000,000 but if you have more licenses, the total investment will be calculated.

This process can take a long time. However, the requesting individual will receive the investment approval information as soon as it is processed. Then, they can start the process of applying for a UAE new Green Visa.

5. We can help you obtain a Green Visa in Dubai without complications

Although the government is still fine-tuning the details of the UAE Green Visa, there is already a lot of information you can use to your benefit. Also, the advantages this visa offers have improved over the previous work visa. For example, Green Visa holders will be able to self-sponsor.

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